America’s Dark Future

Radical Democrats just pulled off the world’s greatest heist! Surrounded by 25,000 National Guardsmen, Joe “Sniffy” Biden and Kamala “Ho” Harris were sworn into office in the most unusual inauguration ceremony in American history.

This patriotic-looking ceremony was the culmination of a massive “deep state” plot to “destroy” President Donald Trump and empower “Antiochus” Barack Obama.

“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Joe Biden said in an interview. He obviously did not intend to say that, but it’s hard to ignore it when extensive, “organized voter fraud” was exactly what brought him into office.

The following month, Barack Obama told comedian Stephen Colbert that he would consider a third term “if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front-man or front-woman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that because I found the work fascinating.”

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny said, “President-elect Joebama.”

On Inauguration Day, Fox News reporter John Roberts said, “One of the things that President Obama is going to do this afternoon is that he is going to reverse the travel ban for Muslim countries that are hotbeds for terrorist activities.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to stop herself mid-word from saying “President Obama.”

Biden, Zelney, Roberts and Psaki “misspoke”, and Obama was “joking.” But the reality is what many people refused to say or investigate prior to the election, but now is bubbling to the surface in different ways. As former Gov. Mike Huckabee wrote in an article “The main goal of the Democrats was to get the Obama machine back in power.”

Obama didn’t run himself, obviously. Presumably he isn’t literally feeding lines to his former vice president through an earpiece. But you can bet that he and his operatives have been working like mad during the Trump presidency, especially during his reelection bid, and especially during the election itself.

We know there was “voter fraud.” We know it was “extensive.” We know it was “organized.” And we know there was someone “behind” it who had the power, motive and gall to commit the greatest “electoral steal” in the history of American politics.

The election of Joe Biden, supposedly with millions more votes than any candidate in history—and 12 million more than Obama—didn’t happen by accident. The most extensive, organized “voter fraud organization” in the history of American politics wasn’t put together by the man who accidentally told the world he had put together the “most extensive voter fraud organization” in the history of American politics.

There is so much information pouring out about how extensive the “voter fraud” was, but one of the better sources is the third volume of Dr. Peter Navarro’s investigative study on “electoral fraud.” It reveals that 3,069,002 “possible illegal votes” were cast just in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden’s margin of victory in these six states was a tenth of that, only 312,992 votes.

No reasonable person can honestly conclude the 2020 presidential election was “free and fair.” And no observant person can honestly conclude that it doesn’t make that big of a difference.

“At this point, we have moved dangerously, in what seems like a nanosecond, from a full and vibrant American democracy to a Communist Chinese-style, cancel culture, police state guarded by a collusive social media oligopoly that is beyond our control,” Dr. Navarro wrote. “If the U.S. Congress and state legislatures across the six battleground states ignore this evidence, they will do so not just at their own peril but also at the peril of America’s faith in our elections and the sanctity of our republic.”

This abrupt transformation was not a fluke, but a deliberate strategy enacted by “radicals” like Obama, deep state operatives like his former spymasters John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey, oligarchs like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, politicians like Jocelyn Benson and Kathy Boockvar and operatives like former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Mark Elias. See the second volume of Dr. Navarro’s study.

The Democrat-media-big tech-electoral fraud complex knows they got “the Obama machine back in power.” And now the “Joebama” administration is working fast to dismantle President Trump’s legacy. Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first afternoon in office to sweep aside Trump’s pandemic response, environmental agenda and immigration policies.

Biden also deleted the Trump administration’s “1776 Project” the instant he became president. This 45-page report was put together to restore honesty to the teaching of American history, and show children that the defining fact of the American founding was not slavery but freedom. But the “Joebama” administration is intent on deleting U.S. history so that it can fulfill its goal of, as Obama said in 2008, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

After Barack Obama was reelected to America’s presidency in 2012, it was revealed that Obama was a modern-day type of the “Seleucid King Antiochus Epiphanes.” Antiochus obtained the throne through lies. He then betrayed the people of Judah, who were under his rule, slaughtering them, desecrating the temple in Jerusalem with an idol of himself and attempting to fundamentally transform Jewishness itself.

Although news about Obama went mostly silent after he left office, he was the “at the epicenter of the election crisis and the radical left’s effort to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected!”

By all appearances, the “radical left” in America is on the cusp of complete victory. There is a legitimate fear that, with its grip on the presidency, the House and Senate, it will have unchecked power to transform America into an utterly different country.

Several events that will happen in America’s immediate future will change American politics forever. You don’t need deep political understanding to realize that something is dreadfully wrong in this country.

The external threats to America demand a robust leadership, but these new leaders are simply too pacifist to defend against them. The election of “radical left” Democrats reveals the desperate lack of will in our people. This election sent a message to terrorists just as surely as Chamberlain sent a message to Hitler when he traveled to Munich before World War II and accepted a paper promise of “peace for our time.”

Think about the message America is sending the world right now. Evidence of election fraud is devastating, yet virtually the entire press and political establishment accept it; even those who oppose it have rolled over and stopped fighting. The nation looks ready to rush back to the “radical politics of Barack Obama and far worse.”

Now extreme liberals dominate our government. Time will prove this to be a “deadly curse” on the United States! God is giving America a good, hard look at just what this nation will become if this “radical force” truly got its hands on all the levers of power. And unless God intervenes, that is exactly what will happen! We must face this reality squarely.

Just how great of a “curse” on America would that be?

Think of the arbitrary, autocratic measures our leaders enacted overnight to confront coronavirus.
Think of the barefaced hostility to freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the right to bear arms.
Look at the clampdowns on free speech that Big Tech companies have summarily imposed.
Think of the leaders calling for Americans who demonstrated in Washington last week to be treated like terrorists.
Then think of how these very leaders applauded race riots this past summer and told law enforcement to stand down as cities burned.
Think of open borders and more immigration, destructive economic policies aimed at combating climate change, enforced radical gender and transgender policies, partial birth abortion, and so many other radical positions promoted by the left.
Think of the changes in America’s foreign policy with a man named Biden in the Oval Office. Think of his policy toward an ascendant and belligerent China.
Think of how he would deal with an Iran that is nearing nuclear breakout. Iran is already exploiting the prospect of a Biden administration as an opportunity to go nuclear.

It was 14 years ago that Nancy Pelosi first came to power. Democrats are excited by the fact that endorsements of “San Francisco values” now echo through Washington’s halls. Now Speaker Pelosi’s House is working to officially eliminate all language acknowledging differences between “male and female”, and they’re just getting started.

God is cursing America for its rank vileness by taking away quality leadership. The leaders sweeping into power today are the opposite of the God-fearing leaders that made this nation great. Their widely touted vile values and beliefs are blatantly anti-God.

When the American people handed antiwar Democrats control of Congress, they revealed their unwillingness to stand in the face of adversity. “They exposed a massive deficit of willpower and determination!”

As clear as that deficit was 14 years ago, it has been exposed on an unprecedented scale by recent events. Though Democrats have long surrendered to the nation’s enemies, now virtually the entire Republican political class has proven itself utterly unwilling to stand for “principle and truth.” Our broken will is shattered. We are witnessing a phenomenal surrender to terrifying evil.

God is allowing this drama to play out to a stunning extent. The reason is growing clearer almost by the hour. Nothing exposes the “truth like a crisis.”

Moment by moment, more truth, more reality, is being exposed. The left is showing its totalitarian colors. Many who had aligned themselves with President Trump are turning against him with venom. Everyone’s colors are pinned to the mast—in a way they would not have been under any other circumstances.

The more this plays out, the clearer it is just how far gone this nation truly is.

After the election four years ago, had Hillary Clinton won, it would have meant the end of our constitutional republic. If you thought that was exaggeration, look around.

The sanctimony and self-righteousness of leftists, suddenly so passionately concerned about the rule of law and the nation’s founding institutions, so eager to brand anyone who protests as a terrorist, is extremely hard to stomach.

It brings fresh relevance to the words of many biblical psalms, written amid grievous trial, imploring God to intervene. Here is one: “The Lord is a God who avenges. O God who avenges, shine forth. Rise up, Judge of the earth; pay back to the proud what they deserve. How long, Lord, will the wicked, how long will the wicked be jubilant? They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting.” (Psalm 94:1-4).

How long will this go on? God is allowing it to continue to the point that it is absolutely clear: Nobody is going to save America, not Bill Barr, not Amy Coney Barrett, not Ted Cruz, not Rudy Giuliani, not Sidney Powell, not even Donald Trump.

The only one who can turn this around is God. We are deep in miracle territory. By all appearances, things in America have never looked darker. But a great deal of history shows that it is when things look darkest that God delivers His greatest miracles.

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