Biological Reality

Gender confused man Richard “Rachel” Levine.

Born male and named Richard, Levine attended an all-boys private school outside of Boston. “All I knew is I wanted to be a girl, or I was a girl,” he said. Richard described carrying this “secret” from an early age and struggling to fit in, even playing “linebacker” on the high school football team. Richard “Rachel” Levine is indeed a man

Twitter has again locked “LifeSiteNews” out of two of our accounts on the platform for displaying a message noting that President Joe Biden’s newly named Assistant Secretary of Health Richard “Rachel” Levine is a man.

Both accounts displayed a simple message which read: “Biden names transgender woman as Assistant Secretary of Health. Rachel Levine is a father of two who divorced his wife in 2013 after 30 years of marriage.”

The tweets also included a link to LifeSite’s article Biden names transgender woman as Assistant Secretary of Health, and contained part of the opening sentence of that article, “Joe Biden has announced his intention to appoint a gender-confused man” as Assistant Secretary of Health.

The ban has been imposed on both LifeSite’s main account, @LifeSite, and our “We Can Defend Marriage” account.

The article we tweeted makes mention of the troubling paradox of having a person who denies the basic science of the human anatomy be in an authoritative position in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), but does not cast aspersions or any other such “hate speech” against Levine, according to Twitter’s “rules.”

This is not the first time that LifeSiteNews has been censored by Twitter. In December 2019, Twitter indefinitely suspended our account for a tweet that linked to an article on transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

At the time, Twitter gave LifeSite the option to delete the tweet and reactivate our account right away. LifeSite remained steadfast that the tweet did not violate any of the company’s rules and policies,” and sought several appeals with Twitter, while looking into legal action against the company.

The ban was only lifted, and the account restored, after LifeSite agreed to remove the original tweet, although this was not an admission of fault.

LifeSite determined that, in order to reach more people across more platforms for the 2020 presidential election and the Supreme Court hearings, we would temporarily remove the tweet to gain access to our account. The account had been locked the entirety of the 10 months that elapsed between the ban and LifeSiteNews agreeing to remove the tweet; an appeal was in action the whole time.

Not only is Richard Levine confused about the biology of gender, but as Pennsylvania health secretary he was also responsible for sending COVID-19-infected patients to nursing homes, enabling the virus to spread amongst some of the most vulnerable individuals. Levine removed his own mother from one of those homes as deaths skyrocketed.

Richard Levine reminds me a lot of “Tiny Tim” tiptoeing through life…

LifeSiteNews columnist and syndicated writer Dr. Michael L. Brown was also locked out of his Twitter account for publishing a tweet on January 20 that called into question Richard Levine’s purported status as a woman. Brown was informed by Twitter that his account would be locked for 12 hours for violating their “rules.”

The now-removed tweet read: “Will I get punished by Twitter for saying that, in God’s sight, Rachel Levine (nominated by Biden to be his assistant secretary for HHS) is a man?”

Confronted with the ban, Brown said that “when biological truth conflicts with transgender activism, biological truth is banned. When biblical truth conflicts with transgender activism, biblical truth is banned.”

Meanwhile, since taking office Joe Biden has already signed an executive order which will force women’s athletic programs, restrooms, and locker rooms to be open to men. He has also turned back the Trump administration’s policy protecting women’s sports programs in schools.

I just got locked out of Twitter for stating the biological reality about one of Biden’s new team
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Biden Health Pick Forced Nursing Homes to Accept COVID Patients

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