Most Influential Political Figure

After the bogus “Sniffy” Joe Biden inauguration, who will be the “most influential political figure in America?”

Guess again. It will still be Donald Trump, despite the fact that the “America First” agenda will be replaced by the “Foreigners First” agenda.

Here is Chris Salcedo of Newsmax on the “Socialist takeover” of the government, President Trump’s lasting legacy on American politics, the RINO’s that fill the halls of Congress, and how the Left will not be able to stop themselves from talking about Donald Trump.

Here is Tucker Carlson on the rhetoric being directed at Republicans as the Biden administration is set to take office.

The only speech I want to hear is from President Trump who won by a landslide and had the votes stolen from him.

There’s lots of evidence of voter fraud. I don’t want our wonderful America, the Land of the Free turned into a communist nation.

Fear not. The best is yet to come. Remember, the “Almighty” didn’t send us a redeemer only to throw us to the wolves. He is NOT done, yet.

No matter if “Sniffy” Joe Biden takes an oath, we know he is a “liar” and will not honor it for he is not a righteous person. He is a “deceiver” and a “thief” and so, will not prevail.

Trust in the “Almighty” that things will come to fruition as He sees fit when it’s His time, not ours. Keep the Faith. Do not waver.

Trump has exposed the “evil” and the “lies” that we’ve had to endure but acquiesced to. We can no longer tolerate those “lies” for they have become manifest in the left’s attempts at socialism. We needed to see this “threat” for ourselves before it is too late.

Our eyes are now open and we can see clearly what “darkness” comes our way. It is up to us to “rebuke” it and ask the “Almighty” for His patience and wisdom in these days.

Our Tribulation is about to befall us and we must be steadfast in the Lord.

Do not waver from your faith for He does not waver in His Love for us.

How did President Trump make America great again?

The True Legacy of Donald Trump

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