MyPillow Talk

White supremacist militia leader, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, said that a variety of retailers are set to cancel his brand’s popular products.

The move came after “embattled” Lindell has been at the center of a controversy for his close friendship with the president and his vocal allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell, a staunch “racist” Trump supporter, made the announcement during a “Right Side Broadcasting” interview with commentator Brian Glenn.

“I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re dropping MyPillow,” he said. “Just got off the phone not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places. These guys don’t understand. … They’re scared. They were good partners. In fact, I told them, ‘You guys come back any time you want.'”

Lindell said that Wayfair and H-E-B have also severed ties with his company, claiming that the companies were opting to yank his product due to a coordinated boycott by “leftist groups.”

In a email to NBC News, Lindell said that a “group has attacked my vendors” and that retailers called him to say they were threatened with a “boycott if they don’t comply” and drop his products.

“Today’s Shopping Source” also confirmed that MyPillow products would no longer be sold on the home shopping channel.

In an email to the Dallas Morning News, Kohl’s said that it opted to discontinue the product due to “lagging” sales.

“There has been decreased customer demand for MyPillow. We will sell our current inventory and not buy additional/future inventory in the brand,” Kohl’s said in the emailed statement.

All I can say, my dog “Rover” loves “MyPillows” and considers them the most comfortable pillow he has ever made “love” with.

It warms my heart greatly to see “Next Tuesday” finally has arrived after four years of waiting patiently!!

Now that Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have dropped “racist” Trump-supporter Lindell’s products, the rest of the “Party-Approved” stores will soon follow suit.

And I say it’s about time! Only “Party-Approved” products for the masses, comrades, from here on in! It’s for their own good, after all.

What a glorious new 2021 is dawning!

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