A Stain on His Legacy

President Donald J. Trump failed to “jail a single enemy” of the people in his first term risking being “humiliated” as China retains title as “World’s #1 Jailer of Journalists.”

Trump’s otherwise “flawless” first-term legacy risks being tainted by the findings of a new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists(CPJ).

Despite Trump’s repeated promises to crack down on “fake news” reporters and “pundits”, the United States in 2020 failed to overtake China as the world’s leading “jailer of journalists.”

According to the CPJ report, China “imprisoned” 47 journalists in 2020, down from 49 in 2019. For the second year in a row, the communist nation sent more journalists to “prison” than any other nation.

The United States, meanwhile, failed to send a “single journalist” to jail in 2020 and in every other year since Trump took office in 2017. China, by comparison, managed to imprison nearly “200 journalists” over that same period.

Trump couldn’t even “kick” Jim Acosta out of the White House press corps, or prevent the CNN correspondent from publishing a book “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

These findings make clear that Trump, who has controversially, though not inaccurately, described American journalists as “enemies of the people,” has failed to make good on a central premise of his historic 2016 victory.

Pundits appear to be unfairly discounting this “broken promise” as a driving force behind Trump’s re-election “defeat” in 2020.

A disappointing stain on an otherwise “heroic legacy”, one that may have just cost him a spot on “Mount Rushmore.”

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