Shut Up and Dribble

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has A Lot In Common With Laura Ingraham And LeBron James
By Jason Whitlock

Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s “shut up and dribble” mantra is beginning to gain traction and credibility among “Hall of Fame” athletes.

You remember two years ago when Ingraham forcefully questioned the political acumen of high school graduate-turned-NBA scholar LeBron James? She was shouted down as a “racist.”

Well, now she’s not alone in dismissing and/or demeaning the political/social commentary of athletes and other celebrities.

On his Fox Sports TV show, Shannon Sharpe, the all-time great NFL tight end, recently told NBA star Kyrie Irving to stick to playing basketball and leave the “social commentary” to more qualified people.

And in a column for The Hollywood Reporter, NBA legend and all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argued that virtually all celebrities need to “shut up or face cancellation.”

The final paragraph of Jabbar’s column summarized his unwitting alliance with Ingraham.

“Many Americans imbue stars with political and social intelligence they just don’t have. Great success in one field can lead to the delusion that all your thoughts are great. It doesn’t help to be surrounded by fawning people whose job it is to agree with everything you say. The irresponsibility of tweeting irrational and harmful opinions to millions, regardless of the damaging consequences to their country or people’s lives, proves that those stars deserve harsh backlash.”

Now, to be fair, Jabbar’s column was intended to scold celebrities who do not stick to social media-approved liberal talking points. Jabbar blasted Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for her unapproved opinions about transgender people. Jabbar criticized Rudy Giuliani for his support of President Trump.

Jabbar asserted that Giuliani’s allegations of 2020 election fraud “does immediate harm to the foundation of society.”

Jabbar wrote: “Giuliani’s attacks on the integrity of the 2020 elections, without any substantive evidence, has undermined the democratic process. A post-election poll indicated 77 percent of Republicans think Joe Biden won because of fraud. Since no credible proof has ever been shown, this opinion can only be held because they practice flat-earther, anti-vaxxer cult-think.”

Jabbar called for social media companies to be more aggressive in “silencing” or placing warnings on false tweets and messages that incite violence or cause harm to society.

I’d like to ask Kareem a question.

What about Black Lives Matter? What about the false narrative that American law enforcement is on an unchecked killing spree of black men? Should we place warnings on those tweets and messages? Should the athletes and celebrities who promote the false narrative that the average black person should live in fear of law enforcement face harsh backlash?

There’s more anecdotal evidence of “election fraud” than there is anecdotal evidence of race-based “police brutality.”

Countless studies and all the data refute the narrative that police are killing black people at some alarming rate. According to the Washington Post, police have killed 220 black people and 420 white people in 2020. That’s about right on average for the last decade. The overwhelming majority of people killed by police are criminal suspects who “resist arrest.”

Athletes and celebrities pretend that law-abiding black people are at high risk of being killed by police. It’s a “lie.”

The Black Lives Matter lie has actually incited violence and done harm to society. Let’s start at the beginning — Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri.

Social media helped spread the lie that Brown was killed with his hands up while surrendering to officer Darren Wilson. This lie led to weeks of rioting, looting and violence in Ferguson and across America. Eric Holder, Obama’s black attorney general, investigated the Michael Brown shooting and concluded Darren Wilson did nothing wrong.

Despite Holder’s investigation, the Michael Brown lie lives on. It’s still promoted via social media. It’s at the foundation of the false narrative that police are randomly killing black men.

How many buildings have been burned to the ground based on the BLM false narrative? How many businesses have been destroyed? How many police officers shot? How many lives lost? How much damage has been done to our democratic process and race relations?

As it relates to allegations of “election fraud”, has there been any violence? Any riots?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants the opinions he disagrees with “silenced” and the ones he agrees with “amplified.” His opinion piece in The Hollywood Reporter paints him as a “spoiled, delusional elitist with a false sense of social intelligence. “

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cries just like LeBron James.

Kareem careens out of reality: Driven by GOP hatred
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar calls for censorship of celebrities whose opinions he dislikes

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