Suspend Twitter & Facebook

Time to “suspend” Twitter and Facebook by “Internet Service Providers” (ISP) across the country.

Twitter left every “sentient” American wondering how a company so “stupid” could become so powerful.

Twitter spent last year “silencing” anything that would help Trump, including accurate facts about Biden “pimping” out his debauched son to foreign countries for big bucks.

It then inaugurated this year by “booting” the president of the United States off Twitter, followed by “silencing” all of his supporters.

But Twitter wasn’t done. In connection with Uganda elections, Twitter issued a “proud” public policy statement about the absolute necessity of “free speech” on the internet, especially around elections.

If you’re thinking that what I just wrote is a joke from the inestimable Babylon Bee, it’s not. This is as real as can be.

For a little context, this started because Twitter and Facebook were doing in Uganda what they did in America: “using their immense power to put their jackboots on the scale to affect the election.”  

Uganda, unlike the “feckless” Republicans, was not going to allow it:

Twitter, as you saw, struck back. Once you’re done laughing about the insane ”hypocrisy” contained within those tweets, start thinking about the deeper implications of the above tweets. I’m not going to deny that Democrats are smart. They are.

Over the course of sixty years, accelerating in the last twenty years, and with “warp speed” in just the last four years, they have systematically moved themselves to the most powerful positions in every American institution, whether in politics, entertainment, education, the media, or the corporate world.

However, what we’re seeing on Twitter is a problem that sometimes happens to apex predators: “they get soft.” Having “vanquished” most of their competition, for the last twenty years, leftists have created a very peculiar “intellectual” world.

When it comes to “technology” and communications, they’ve gone all in, successfully. However, their other area of expertise has been “victim-hood.” They are all victims. Even “self-aware” whites are victims, burdened by their painful “toxicity and privilege.”

This mindset led to “safe spaces, trigger warnings”, and all the other ideas that started in academia and then followed graduates into the corporate and political worlds. For many years now, while leftists are perfectly happy to excoriate “Conservatives” and other “Deplorables” whenever possible, they have “insulated” themselves from all opposing ideas and criticism.

This has extended to politics. In 2016, after Hillary who lost “twice” the presidential elections, leftists didn’t engage in self-analysis. Instead, they “cried” about the Russia hoax for four years, long after even Mueller had “conceded” that neither Trump nor anyone close to him had “colluded” with the Russians.

To “win” the 2020 election, Democrats made zero effort to “convince” Americans that the Democrats had better ideas. Instead, they “locked” Americans in their homes, “destroyed” the economy, increase “dependence” on the government, a Democrat specialty, “locked” their candidate “Sniffy” Joe Biden in a basement, “silenced” any speech of which they disapproved, and “copied” other countries’ vote fraud activities to “steal the election.”

I’ll give Democrats props for achieving their goal, but they “cheated” themselves out of a necessary learning curve. Thus, by “greasing” their own path for so long, Democrats have assiduously trained themselves into the “stupidity” that comes with a complete lack of “insight and self-awareness.”

Incidentally, those Republican politicians and operatives “blaming” Trump and embracing a second “impeachment” are doing the same thing.

The Democrats’ recent success has also given them a healthy dose of “hubris.” If they were more conversant with the philosophy of old white men, such as the wisdom imparted in the Bible or reached by the ancient Greek philosophers, they would know that “stupidity” and “hubris” always end the same way: “badly.”

Proverbs 16:18 gets the last word. “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

And that’s how you end up with quite possibly the funniest and most repulsive tweet ever: “Twitter preaching free speech purity to the poor benighted black folk in Uganda, even as it stands proudly on the First Amendment’s grave back at home.”

Its repulsive “condescension” is the real-world version of Ingrid Bergman’s character in this classic 1974 movie:

So, after the “Glorious Week Of Serial Purges” and concerted “defenestration” of Parler, this “2021 New Speak” obviously redefined the term “irony” as did the cartoon below.

Time for “Internet Service Providers” (ISP) across the country to block Twitter and Facebook and permanently shutdown these “basic human rights” violators.


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