Kayaking in Hawaii

Barack and  Michael Obama were warming up for the holidays in Hawaii, where they were pictured soaking up the sun in some colorful swimwear as they kayaked together in the ocean.

“The Obama’s traveled to Hawaii for a Christmas vacation as they told Americans to stay home. The Obama’s are staying in their ‘winter White House’ in Hawaii.” https://t.co/AmlNhlIlKZ — Conservative News Daily (@ConservNewsDly) December 24, 2020

It’s no surprise anymore when our ruling class travels for Christmas or any other reason that strikes their fancy, while the rest of us are told to give up family reunions, and even church services.

So seeing Barack and Michael Obama in Hawaii, able to jet around wherever their fancy takes them, enjoying their scores of millions of dollars earned from Netflix, books and other post-presidential activities, is no surprise.

Obviously, Barack has not reached the point he mentioned in 2010, when he said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

I am actually grateful they took the opportunity to go kayaking and generate the pictures below, which is to my eyes the best, most revealing view of the homosexual couples ever taken.

Come on, Barry, help me out! Michael Obama did most of the heavy lifting during an outing on the water at Kailua Bay. The former first couple are spending Christmas in Hawaii, as they have done in many previous years

The two were spotted kayaking at Kailua Bay with Michael sitting in front of the kayak doing all the hard work. Puny Barack sat in the back of the kayak and just went along for the ride as Michael muscled through the waves.

Michael, wearing a bright orange swimsuit, gets stuck paddling as Barack takes in the scenery

Michael went make-up free and wore his hair tied off his face. Barack wore a baseball hat and sunglasses.

Finally! Bathhouse Barry started helping eventually, though the pair were paddling in opposite directions

Michael, concentrating on the paddling, while Barack grins and soaks up the sun.

Michael led the charge in their tandem kayak while Barack seemed in a more jovial mood.

The pair seemed to be joined by at least one Secret Service agent who kept a slight distance while they paddled their way through the waves.

Easy work! Barack sat back in a relaxed pose and seemed to be enjoying the scenery of the nearby island.

Had enough? Michael appeared to grow tired in the afternoon sun as he paddled the kayak through the water.

Bathhouses Barry and Michael have spent the year campaigning, sometimes virtually, for the Democrats and endorsing Joe Biden

Sporty Michael appeared to be putting in most of the work while bathhouse Barry sat back and took in the sights.

Bathhouse Barry, 59, looked happy and relaxed in a pair of dark swim shorts, sunglasses and a baseball hat. He went shirtless, revealing his taut physique.

Bathhouse Barry redeemed himself by hauling the kayak back to shore once the pair had had enough for the afternoon.

The couple were kayaking near Plantation Estate, their “Winter White House” where they spent many years over Christmas when Barack was in office.

The pair were photographed in the water at Kailua Bay, a stone’s throw from Plantation Estate, their “Winter White House” which they rented over the holidays while Barack was in office.

It’s unclear if they’re staying there this year or if they are somewhere else. The pair are said to be making plans for a different property on the island of Oahu.

2020 has been a busy year for the pair which brought them a handful of lucrative contracts.  Michael ‘s 2018 book Becoming was parlayed into a book/speaking tour and Netflix documentary about her life promoting it.

The documentary was produced by their company, “Higher Road Productions.” Michael also launched a podcast on Netflix and interviewed his husband as one of his first guests during their months at home in quarantine.

The pair also endorsed “Sniffy” Joe Biden. Michael even gave a pre-recorded video message for the virtual DNC in his favor.

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