Institutionalized Tyranny

Masks work! -but only as tools for institutionalized tyranny
By Karen Kataline

There are some really enormous elephants in the middle of our living rooms. We are living in an alternate universe where people are making believe there is a deadly virus for which all healthy people in the entire western world must upend their lives, give up their arrogant, power-mad, Leftist bureaucrats.

Those who comply, do so either under duress or out of ignorance. They mutter under their breaths about how stupid it is but they have to do as they’re told or they’ll lose their job, lose their licenses or lose their friends. Duress comes in all shapes and sizes but it’s still bullying and intimidation.

How did America get such a quick glimpse into what life is like in communist China in less than a year? But out of duress, I digress.

Take a look at the following piece— so potentially ”dangerous,” that Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and others don’t think we should be allowed to read it:

New Danish study reveals that wearing masks don’t stop the transmission of the coronavirus

Who hasn’t already thought about this, read about it or decided this is true but they don’t think there’s anything they can do about it?

So why is every Democrat so in love with forcing people to wear masks, everywhere, indefinitely, and under threat of fines and punishment? 

Who’s paying for the endless television commercials infantilizing us and demanding that we wear masks and wash our hands? 

Why does every Democrat march in lockstep with every other Democrat in the same smug mission to force everyone to wear a piece of worthless cloth on their face?  Finally, how come we’re beginning to hear that masks are here to stay regardless of the supposed reason for them in the first place?

I heard a story recently that illustrates the real effect of masks better than any mere explanation. A young man came from a county of strict mask mandates, to a county where people have not lost their minds. He saw people acting like free citizens, enjoying each other’s company without masks on their faces! He wanted to take his mask off, but was actually terrified to do this. He said it made him feel “naked.”

Remember what Red said in “The Shawshank Redemption”? 

“These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.”

Masks are tools of “institutionalized tyranny.” Compliance with tyranny leads to more and greater tyranny.

Why is anyone still playing along?

Shut up and Do what you’re told! We the Election!

Joe Biden wants to control Thanksgiving. Notice how I didn’t call him ‘president-elect.’ He’s not, even if the Democrat mass media continue to repeat that lie.

Biden has joined the chorus of tyrants who want to tell you what you must do in your own home, including wearing masks. “There’s nothing macho about not wearing a mask,” China Joe pronounced. In other words, do not assert your liberty and choice when it comes to do with your own body—even in your own home.

Wear the mask and shut up. Practice social distancing. Get tested before gathering for Thanksgiving. Well, if everyone tests negative, why the masks and social distancing? Oh well, don’t think about that—just do what you’re told by the tyrannical turkeys trying to “keep you safe.”

The more we obey their unconstitutional orders, the more orders there will be. They want your obeisance because it’s all leading to mandatory vaccines and mandatory FEMA camps for those who refuse the shots.

Now is the time to resist, push back, and speak out against the forces of tyranny who want your every movement tracked, scrutinized, and controlled.

It doesn’t have to be the macho thing to do, but it is the right thing to do if you love liberty.

One Response to “Institutionalized Tyranny”

  1. I dont wear masks unless I am inside a store. Even then, I use “By Force Not Fear”. I even use Politically incorrect flags in masks


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