Coup D’état

Somewhere in the world, probably in some third world banana republic, a “coup d’état” is going on to topple a government. Luckily for us, such a thing could never happen in the U.S. It all happened according to historical precedents:

“The forces trying to usurp power used their total control over the media apparatus and broadcasting systems. They filled the airwaves with constant anti-government propaganda. In doing so they were able to distort the perception of reality and steer the opinion of the citizens during the coup. This did not happen overnight; these institutions were infiltrated over the course of many years, even decades.”

Meanwhile, on the streets, the junta’s thugs assaulted citizens who did not comply with the new order. People were beaten, their property burnt. Lists were compiled of enemies of the new oligarchy. Deprived of information because of the media takeover, citizens found it hard to organize a resistance.

In an attempt to legitimize their takeover, the junta heads had organized a sham election. With the help of shady voting software and some blatant malpractice the new authorities gave their power grab a veneer of decency. Nobody really believed the results, but attempts to contest the legality of the polling methods were blocked by threatening lawyers who took the case to court. Citizens who spoke up were intimidated by agents of the new regime who had infiltrated the security forces.

The whole thing was years in the making. Decades ago, the new regime’s agents infiltrated all institutions of higher learning, the civil service administrations and even the army. The entire power structure of the nation was compromised. Top military personnel even showed support for the new order in the months leading up to the “elections”. Big business concerns gradually started sponsoring the usurpers over the years, sensing that doing so might protect them from direct assaults by the new regime and hoping that government support could help stifle their competition through decrees and protectionism.

We can only pray for the citizens of this unhappy nation. Thank God things like this are impossible here in the United States of America.

“The country will be completely totally different in every way from top to bottom but rest assured your life will be just the same. You have nothing to fear. If you like your liberty, you can keep your liberty.” Barack Hussein Obama

We have to start thinking about this stuff for what it is. A para-military coup d’etat. The sooner we can call it what it is, the sooner we’ll start treating it with the seriousness that it deserves.

It’s a Coup. Just Say It!
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