Deep State Silent Coup

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (P-CA), who because of her decades in political office is getting pummeled by the AOC/Marxist youth-fringe of her party, is flailing at anything in an effort to find the message that sticks going into the 2020 General Election. Her attempt was focusing on ”voter suppression.”

In a rare news conference, that obviously took her away from “martini slurping” at the club, Pelosi floated this absurdity.

“Now they say Trump is deploying more voter suppression tactics by suggesting he’ll send law enforcement to polling places to monitor the election. Why would he do that, except to scare people off? It’s in their playbook that they’ll have people intimidated to vote by having ICE agents  or other law enforcement there to instill fear in people as they show up,” she said.

Of course, there is a gigantic problem with this, and it is two-fold. First, those who are legally registered to vote wouldn’t be intimidated by the presence of any type of law enforcement at a polling place. In fact, the overwhelming majority of voters would see it as a ballot security measure and welcome the presence.

Second, the only people who are shopping the idea that people should fear law enforcement are the “Marxists” and “Fascists” who are literally burning down cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, etc. and their Progressive handlers who need that narrative to stick for ideologically motivated political purposes.

In-depth examination of the statistics shows that the “Be Scared of the Police” movement is nothing but a narrative. There is no systemic racism in law enforcement, and, in fact, there are more racists in the “Black Lives Matter” and “ANTIFA” movements, because of their race-based ideology, than in any other demographic calculable.

When a political party puts all their political capital into one avenue of attack against their opposition as the Progressives and Democrats did with impeachment, and that avenue fails, there is a panic to find a deflective narrative from their lack of accomplishment going into an election.

There will be no “voter suppression” because there is law enforcement visible at polling places. That’s a flat out lie and Pelosi knows it. The only votes a police presence at the polls will suppress are the votes cast by people who don’t have the right to vote.

As most Americans were sleeping, the nation was deliberately plunged into a monumental political disaster. The United States is now in the grip of an existential crisis, perhaps the greatest since the Civil War.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine either side relinquishing. Both feel they are positioned to emerge triumphant; both possess considerable power.

President Donald Trump has facts on his side, with concerning evidence of “voter fraud” emerging, as well as the law, the Supreme Court and roughly 70 million Americans. The president doesn’t know it, but he has also been a tool in God’s hands these past four years, which means his destiny now rests more with God than his lawyers or the Supreme Court.

But Team Biden is not without power. Biden has the support of America’s media, many of America’s most important institutions, Hollywood, the entire Democratic Party and tens of millions of Americans. The disgraceful silence of a shocking number of Republican leaders also works in his favor.

For now, the battles will be fought by attorneys in courthouses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia and Pennsylvania and in other states. But at some point, people on both sides will swap their pens for “guns”, their subpoenas for “Molotov” cocktails.

So here we are: “For the first time since the Civil War, America’s existence as a functioning republic is on the line.” It would be easy to think that this is how democracy works. That this is how it’s supposed to be. That elections are confusing and messy, but they always sort themselves out and the system will ensure the right man wins. Because this happened on Election Day, it’s easy to believe that democracy got us into this mess.

But democracy did not do this. This is a “coup.” For a while now, a handful of brave and perceptive commentators have warned us that the radical left, led by Barack Obama, would one day attempt to overthrow the president, abolish the Constitution, and take over America. Rush Limbaugh, the talk-radio host, has been discussing this for two or three years warning that the radical left would try to overthrow America!

These warnings were about Barack Obama and the radical left specifically. Let’s begin in spring 2008, more than six months before Obama was elected president we were warned that it would be a mistake to elect Obama. A few months later, Obama’s close relationship with Jeremiah Wright, the racist hate preacher was exposed. “We never take sides in politics. But we have the responsibility to warn our nation of any serious danger.” He warned that Obama’s leadership and radical views, especially on the issue of race, would “cost America dearly.”

Today we are experiencing the “end result” of Obama’s handiwork—it is worse than most people imagined in July 2008!

Immediately after Obama was elected president in November 2008, it showed what a “radical turn” this nation had taken. It showed just how much the extreme radicals got control. Obama and those around him, including vice president, Joe Biden’s disrespect toward America’s political system and the U.S. Constitution were driving their decisions.

They were pushing the government into activities detrimental to the nation. They were appointing judges who thought the same way, while rejecting parts of the Constitution and remove its restraints so radicals could do whatever they want with the government!

As America got further into the Obama presidency, these warnings became more detailed and powerful. Lawlessness was coursing through America. The same people who were behind these attacks on law seven years ago, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are the ones orchestrating the present constitutional crisis! This “silent election coup” has been building for 12 years.

The radical left was preparing to take control of America and its government violently and permanently. The U.S. government was casting aside the foundational law of the land telling us that is just getting in the way. We don’t need that old law. We know what justice is. You can trust us! That reasoning paved the way for tyrants! And every tyrant is a special tool of the devil—even more so after he was cast down!”

Isn’t this the reason why we are in this present crisis, because prior to the election, the radical left rejected the “old laws” governing the way votes are cast, and surreptitiously and unlawfully created new laws?

In 2016, as America approached another election and Donald Trump entered the political fray, warnings grew even more powerful and dramatic. Even though Obama was no longer president and the Democrats were no longer in the White House, the spirit of lawlessness and corruption, was still present and working throughout the land.

The roots of America’s dangerous turn left exposed the Communist incursion into American institutions, and showed how the radical left transformed America into a Communist state. Their sole purpose was to destroy the government of the land, destroy the whole American system and replace it with communism and tyranny.

Four years ago that would have sounded pretty extreme to a lot of people; today it doesn’t sound so extreme! Unless God intervenes, this diabolical attempt to manipulate the election is going to destroy America’s government. Obama as the ringleader of this anti-American movement indicated that the radical left was plotting to overthrow America. Obama’s views on law enforcement and his attempt to undermine the police warned “You can’t take over a government and run it unless you get rid of the police who are loyal to the system!”

Since 2016, President Trump expose the “deep state” and its ongoing “coup” against him and the nation. He exposed the treasonous behavior of Obama and Biden in the weeks and months before they left the White House. But the radical left was relentlessly waging war against the president and leading this country to its destruction! And it was only Trump’s election that prevented even worse troubles from bringing this nation down even more quickly.

The “deep state” corruption was so deep that most people didn’t even believe it! Will the present election coup cause at least some to see what is happening here? It seems the radical left has virtually taken over the entire Democratic Party today, with few exceptions. And they are pushing for conflict! They are cheering the groundswell of discontent and resistance.

Even the mainstream press will not denounce such gross behavior. They eagerly publicize it.

Americans need to wake up! Satan is at work, dividing the country, turning us against each other, hollowing away the strength of our republic!

This explains just how much control Barack Obama and the radical left established over the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other governmental departments, and how they were trying to destroy the Trump administration.

This is treasonous behavior, and a bigger threat to America than most people realize! It is now becoming obvious just how big this threat is!

When you really understand what has been happening since 2008, the events of the recent past are entirely unsurprising. This “silent election fraud” has been underway for 12 years!

It seems that the harder the president’s enemies work to destroy him, the more their own wicked ways are uncovered. We saw this earlier this year with the impeachment scandal. Not only did the radical left fail to impeach President Trump, they exposed their own hatred and corruption in the process.

What has happened in recent days is the greatest attack on President Trump to date. Will it too somehow backfire on the radical left? Will it end up exposing them even more marked by tumult, national dysfunction, failure and violence?

Amid the chaos and confusion, and inevitably the violence and suffering, there is “good news.” God is in control, and He will use all of these events to introduce Himself once again to America and the world.

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