Run Joe, Run!

I’ve taken the liberty of reposting “Run Joe, Run” from for it’s truthful observation.

Finally, Joe (Mensa) Biden announced he is “running” for president.

People were “speculating” that despite having been in the “political” game his entire life and “running” for president since 1987 that Joe couldn’t even pull off a “rally” in Pittsburgh where he was “expected” to make his announcement.

They were right, he did it via “video.”

From the video you might conclude that he’s running as “Barack Obama” light, in both senses of the word. No  mention of “real” policies so I guess he’s going to run on “1% growth, Food Stamps for all, ObamaCare, and identity politics.”

You could say he’s running in circles.

But mostly “identity” politics. Joe’s announcement was clear on only one thing: “smearing President Trump as a white supremacist.”

After playing a clip from the 2017 Charlottesville in which Progressives swear ODJT supported the white supremacists he talks about “a battle for the soul of this nation,” and then tells the cameraman:

“If we give Donald Trump 8 years in the White House he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

Sorry Joe, but that’s “already” been done, remember?

“Oh, God love you. What am I talking about?”

Perhaps Joe really doesn’t know this, but the “primary” reason Donald Trump was elected in 2017 was because we, the “deplorables”, didn’t like the way he and Barry fundamentally “transformed” the country on their watch.

We elected Donald J. Trump to “change” it back. And he’s not done yet, thanks to your team’s determination to continue to “undermine” him.

So “Sniffy Joe” has made it official…can’t wait until he gets his first official “scratch n’ sniff” as a contender.

Why do I have this sense that Uncle Joe will “pick” Hillary Clinton as his running mate? On seconds “thoughts”

And then I held them by the shoulders and sniffed their hair and body aroma.

I know you stand in line
until the swearing in time
to be molested by me
and I know that I take a chance,

you’ll cringe at my advance
You won’t be comfy with me
and during this I’ll pull you close
with a friendly shoulder pat or two
and then I go and spoil it all

by doing something creepy touching you
I can see fear in your eyes
that you despise creepy guys
your protestations ignore
and though it’s just a touch to you,

for me it’s new sensations
Like a hundred times before
I go on evening news
to find some clever lines to say
to make intentions obscure
but if I wait they’ll think they’re safe

never noticing I hoover over them
The time is right, I sniff their hair,
my eyes see red and my hands turn blue
and then I go and spoil it all
by doing something creepy and touch you

I touch you
I touch you
I touch you

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