Orange Drama Queen

Orange Drama Queen

Speaking of “Orange Drama Queen.”

Nancy promises her base yet another way to depose the President: the 25th! I doubt she’s ever actually read the 25th Amendment but that’s okay, that’s what she has little people for. And those bears of little brain have determined that this is a perfectly legal way to pull off the coup. “If you can’t impeach you must overreach!”

Keep it up Nancy, but be advised that you’ve just activated the turnabout-is-fair-play rule: “We demand to see all of Joey Baby’s medical records as well. You know, just to demonstrate that he possesses the physical stamina and mental acuity necessary to be leader of the free world. And while we’re at it, what medications are you on Madam Speaker? I mean, you are third in line.”

Wait – I thought “Orange Face Bad?” As usual it depends on who’s wearing it.

So if you can’t “impeach”, just screech, screech, screech!

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