China Builds Walls

Recent news from our “Human Rights” friends in Communist China is rather perplexing and presents somewhat of a conundrum, a mystery wrapped in an enigma, if you will.

The Chinese Communist Party is “opposed” to building a wall on the southern “Border of the USA” claiming it is an abuse of “Human Rights” to prevent people trying to escape poverty in their home country. Basic “human rights” demands that the USA must import as much “poverty” as it can, no matter the consequences.

However, the Chinese Communist Party now has its own problems with their ungrateful citizens crossing the border into Vietnam to escape poverty, creating an embarrassing situation for the CCP.

China’s solution: “Build a Border wall to prevent starving citizens from being ungrateful and leaving the oppressive communistic regime.”

This, of course, presents another dilemma. The CCP has a “Border” dispute with Vietnam over where the actual “Border” is. This is a common problem that the CCP has with all of its neighbors.

The Vietnamese Government says the “Border” is where it has always been and the CCP says that traditionally the “Border” has been somewhat closer to Saigon, and perhaps even south of there. So, where to build the wall?

The other question that was raised within the “Border” dispute is, that if both nations are communist, why aren’t they willing to share their communal “Borders”?

After all, all Communist nations are “equal”, although some are more equal than others, and greater equality results in unequal greatness, which weighs more on the “People’s Scales of Equality.”

The “inequality” of the scale seems to indicate that Vietnam should accept more “hungry” immigrants from China to even out the “Scales of Equality” but since Vietnam is the minority in this assessment of equality, it has therefore been elevated to a higher position on the scale of equality.

Add to that that the CCP is “refusing” to allow equalization of the “Scale of Equality” and Vietnam is “resisting” equalization of the “Scale of Equality” creates quite a conundrum. As suggested previously, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Perhaps we can find a solution in the penumbra of “Equality.”

Obviously, the level of equality is a function of who operates the scales.

“Practical Equality” supersedes “Theoretical Equality.” Although both are equally legitimate considerations, “one is more equal than the other.”

Wondering what communist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka “Pope Francis”, thinks about his communist partners in China building walls to keep “starving peasants” from leaving the motherland for Vietnam?

“A person who thinks only of building walls is not a good Communist” according to Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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