Comrade Chuan Jianguo

China said that Trump’s Chinese name is “Chuan Jianguo”, or “Build-the-Country.”

I am Chuan Jianguo, I come from America.
I am a honesty red guard, I love China and respect Chairman Mao.
I have been studying “Mao’s Quotations.”
In other words, I will doing my utmost to make our country great again.

That’s because “Build-the-Country” is a common “revolutionary” name among Communist patriots.

Biden’s withdrawal is the Democratic Party’s first choice? The left media was silent for 36 hours, and the Facebook Twitter protector lost his attitude; Barr was criticized and Giuliani used the media to see the dark power of the shadow government in the United States.

Joe Biden to Xi Jinping: “If you have trouble figuring out whether to vote for Trump or for Biden, you’re not Chinese enough.”

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