We Are Winning The War!

BLM101: We Are Winning The War! Black Lives Matter Scrubs Beliefs

Welcome to the latest edition of Black Lives Matter 101, Volume 8, the online class dedicated to explaining to athletes the real agenda and impact of the BLM movement.

Our class and the work of others across the internet are having a real impact.

Black Lives Matter, aka, Bigots Love Marxism, scrubbed its “what we believe” page from the organization’s website. BLM is executing a cover-up. As we saw with the Nixon presidency, the cover-up reveals the severity of the crime.

BLM’s “what we believe” page originally exposed the movement’s heavy Marxist influence. The page called for the disruption of the nuclear family. Let me quote it directly.

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.”

That’s a Marxist concept. Libby Emmons at The Post Millennial succinctly summarized the BLM agenda, writing that BLM “espouses Marxist principles of communal children and the demise of the family structure over American ideals of individualism and family unity.”

People are finally looking beyond BLM’s catchy slogan and evaluating the actual agenda. The agenda is Karl Marx’s anti-God, pro-communism political theory. BLM scrubbed its “what we believe” page because smart people are distancing themselves from BLM.

This summer while American sports leagues were swallowing Black Lives Matter’s entire agenda and embedding their slogans onto fields and courts, the Premier Soccer League distanced itself from BLM.

Read this story from early July about EPL stars and their new position on BLM.  Two weeks ago, ESPN reported that Premier League clubs scrapped their BLM badges.

This is why I’ve been furious with the horrendous leadership of Roger Goodell, Adam Silver and Rob Manfred. They embraced BLM at the exact time the rest of the world was figuring out the fraudulence of the BLM movement.

BLM is backpedaling from its own founding principles because those principles are being rejected by people with a modicum of common sense.

LeBron James is the head of a nuclear family, but he’s tweeting out support for an organization that wants to disrupt nuclear families. Alleged Christians are supporting an organization that is founded in Karl Marx’s belief that religion is a sham, the opiate of the masses.

Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive. Its financial supporters realize it. That’s why they’re scrubbing their beliefs. Their beliefs have created the violence and chaos we’ve witnessed throughout the summer. Their beliefs have promoted racial division.

The clowns running corporate America, including Goodell, Silver and Manfred, should be held accountable for lacking the substance to stand against this destructive movement. They supported the new KKK, a race-based domestic terrorist movement dependent on mob rule. They legitimized and justified a summer of chaos.

When will the NFL and NBA backpedal and start scrubbing BLM from the sports landscape? Will anyone in the mainstream sports media ask LeBron James about BLM’s backpedal?

Do the group-think athletes even know that their beloved social justice movement has disavowed its beliefs?

Let’s tell them by sharing this link with your favorite athlete via social media. No snark. Be polite. They’re young. They’re not to blame. They’ve been failed by weak leadership at the top of their leagues.

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