Jihad Pornography

We keep hearing about the  “cultural enrichment” of “Islamic Muslims”

This is Florence, Italy.

“Firenze, abbiamo finito le parole.” #RadioSavana pic.twitter.com/Q1JKHpw06L — RadioSavana (@RadioSavana) July 28, 2020

And this is Rome, Italy.


And this is Paris, France.

If you turn up the sound, you can hear the “Allahu Akbaring.”


But wait, there’s more from Rome, Italy:

Milan, Italy

Tarquinia, Italy

Sicily, Italy

Salerno, Italy

I know it’s warm in Italy, but I don’t think it is THAT hot! Anyway, interesting no female Muslims walking around buck naked!

I guess a sexually repressive religion and a sexually repressed culture based on that religion makes these sex starved “horny” guys snap and just unravel.

My guess is these “naked” guys were either looking for auditioning for the “Gay Parade” or perhaps for friendly “goats” to satisfy their sexual needs.

“It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE stripping off and doing ‘Salat’ buck naked and terrorizing Infidels with their bare ass naked bodies, especially when unfit and out of shape!”

I remember seeing a video of a woman doing “Salat” in a bikini in front of everybody on the beach. She wasn’t totally “buff naked”, but to Muslim eyes, she was totally “indecent.”


Maybe Muslims are discovering that “nudity” isn’t all that terrible and not really a “sin”, since Allah created them all “buck naked.”

Muslims are generally prudish and frown upon “public nudity” which makes you wonder why a devout Muslim would want to be going around in the “buff on a public street” when their religion says not to, and can suffer “floggings”, or even worse, “death” for doing so.

But I guess there are always exceptions. “Naked Jihad” maybe? “Bare Ass Jihad?” Terrorize “Kuffars” with naked ass and minuscule “shortcomings?”

I guarantee they wouldn’t be doing that in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan or any other hardcore Islamic fundamentalist country.

Standards have gone way down. Past “streakers” were at least “classy and good-looking” in the old days.

Imagine you’re out with your family, little kids in tow, and they have to see that filthy Muslim “behavior” in public. How do you explain that?

“Oh well you see some other people have different values” or “some people sometimes break the rules” or “some people just do not care or respect your values or rules.” Some lesson when there is no consequences at all.

You can blame all the “offenders” for their lewd behavior but we should also blame ourselves for tolerating this “scum”  and not demanding that our “civil authorities, police, courts and jails”, do what they are supposed to do.

If they don’t then the people have the ultimate right to take action. And the government officials who are “derelict” in their duties should be “incarcerated” with them, or worse, thrown of the “roof” according to Sharia Law.

Islam is its own worst enemy.

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