Criminal$ Justice Movement

The 2020 Criminal$ Justice Movement
by Jason Whitlock

Given the hyper focus regarding landing “on the right side of history,” let me take the first crack at defining the history being forged by Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Nike and their media sycophants.

They’ve created the “Criminals Justice Movement.” Or better yet, the “Criminal$ Justice Movement.”

The intense fight for the rights of criminal suspects “resisting arrest” is really just a cash grab by Democratic politicians, Nike and athletes, celebrities and journalists seeking social media influence.

Thursday, Nike released a $150 Kaepernick Icon Jersey 2.0. Nike asset Darren Rovell “hyped” the jersey to his alleged 2 million Twitter followers, who consistently “refuse” to engage with Rovell’s tweets. (Pro tip: Buy fake followers and fake engagement.)

Kap and Nike continue to “cash in” on black tragedies. Their raising of awareness around police brutality raises awareness of Kaepernick and causes Nike cash registers to ring across the globe.

Earlier this week, the nation’s leading Criminal$ Justice attorney Ben Crump bragged to reporters about the $12 million settlement the city of Louisville will pay Breonna Taylor’s family. It was good advertising. You’ve heard of ambulance-chasing lawyers. Crump chases hearses.

He’s built a multi-million-dollar law practice around securing cash settlements for the families of victims of alleged police misconduct. On September 8th, Crump tweeted out a “powerful” message from Jacob Blake that summarizes the Criminal$ Justice Movement.

#JacobBlake released this powerful video message from his hospital bed today, reminding everyone just how precious life is.” #JusticeForJacobBlake — Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) September 6, 2020

“Change y’all’s lives out there,” criminal Blake said from his hospital bed, “stick together, make some money, make things easier for our people out here.” 

 “Make some money” best explains the “Criminal$ Justice Movement.”

I apologize for sounding indifferent about the plight of the deceased and wounded. I am not. I have intimate knowledge of their pain. In 2012, my cousin, Anton Butler, was tasered to death in the rain by two Indianapolis sheriffs. Money will not heal the wound in the heart of my family. All of the “awareness raising” of athletes and celebrities doesn’t bring back the dead or curtail incidents of police misconduct.

In fact, the “awareness raising” actually promotes a more dangerous climate. Criminal suspects are being told by athletes, celebrities and the mainstream media that they have the right to “ignore police instruction.” Resistance is good.

The “Criminal$ Justice Movement” and its primary policy push — “defund the police” — have predictably emboldened criminals. Violent crime is elevating in high-crime neighborhoods and police are reluctant to aggressively police those areas.

All while Kaepernick and Nike cash in and financial donations pour down on Democratic voter drives. Everybody is using George Floyd’s death to make it rain. His memory is used to hype NFL and NBA games, power ad campaigns for podcasts and YouTube shows, leverage media members for promotions and, most importantly, fuel left-wing political funding.

Justice is not being sought. Cash and power are. The Criminal$ Justice Movement is the Wu-Tang video for the rap song C.R.E.A.M. Cash rules everything around the movement. “Dolla, dolla bills, y’all.”

Most athletes have a cursory knowledge of the “Criminal$ Justice Movement.” They’re young, rich and easily influenced by social media. They don’t have the time or an interest in researching the details of the movement. What they know is the best way to avoid public criticism and not be accused of selling out or being a racist is to pretend that Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Eric Garner and Breonna Taylor were honor-roll students walking home from Sunday church.

My cousin, Anton, was a paroled felon when sheriffs, in our view, needlessly tasered him to death. I loved my cousin. He had a huge heart. He loved his mother and his brother. He had the potential to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or whatever he wanted to be. He was let down by his negligent father and a difficult zip code. Dealt a bad hand, he played it poorly and found himself in a dangerous situation he could not control.

Everyone has a story. And I get why the people close to Blake, Floyd, Garner, Taylor, etc., are devastated. But the outsiders preening outrage and sadness and kneeling for cameras are using the tragedies to advance careers and personal finance.

Jacob Blake isn’t Emmett Till. Breonna Taylor wasn’t Rosa Parks. Eric Garner wasn’t Medgar Evars.

The Pittsburgh Steelers slapped Antwon Rose Jr.’s name on the back of every Steelers helmet. Offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva had the good sense to replace Rose’s name with the name of a heroic soldier.

“Steelers LT Alejandro Villanueva has the name Alwyn Cashe on the back of his helmet. Cashe was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for heroism after his death at 35 while on duty in Iraq.” — Chris Adamski (@C_AdamskiTrib) September 14, 2020

Steelers captain Maurkice Pouncey announced that he won’t be wearing Rose’s name on his helmet. “I was given limited information on the situation regarding Antwon,” Pouncey said via Instagram, “and I was unaware of the whole story surrounding his death and what transpired during the trial following the tragedy. I should have done more research to fully understand what occurred in its entirety.”

Please read Pouncey’s entire Instagram post. It’s brave and transparent.

His post is an indictment on the mainstream media and the Steelers organization. The players were fed bad information. Minutes before being stopped by police, Rose was caught on video participating in a drive-by shooting. The victim said Rose was the trigger-man.

The police stopped the car Rose was riding in because it fit the description of the vehicle used in the drive-by shooting. Rose jumped from the car and was gunned down as he tried to escape. Gun residue was found on his hand.

Black men in Pittsburgh were far more likely to be hunted and shot by Antwon Rose than any Pittsburgh cop.

All of this information was readily available for anyone in the mainstream media to point out to the Steelers on game day. This type of clarifying context is virtually illegal to report or talk about on ESPN. The Worldwide Leader is committed to paying and promoting the employees willing to stir racial animosity, demonize the police and support the “Criminal$ Justice Movement.”

Am I unsympathetic to criminals? No. Not at all. I’ve spoken at prisons. I’ve written passionately and persuasively about the need to rethink the war on drugs and the economic exploitation allowed within the prison industrial complex.

But I’m also aware of the facts. It is extremely rare for police officers to kill any American citizen. Policing has actually improved over the past three decades. Local governments are highly incentivized to push law enforcement to avoid harming criminal suspects. The financial settlements, as Ben Crump would tell you, are escalating.

Also, I believe every man and woman has a responsibility to protect himself. It makes no sense to fuss, argue and wrestle with a government official authorized to use deadly force against you. Furthermore, I’ve lived long enough to have made some shady friends. I make it a point to avoid involving myself in their shady activities.

Defunding the police is stupid. It will harm black people. Creating an environment where it’s acceptable to eschew compliance with law enforcement is stupid. It will lead to more criminal suspects being shot and killed.

The “Criminal$ Justice Movement” only improves the lives of Kaepernick, Nike shareholders, hearse-chasing lawyers, black elites using the movement to advance their careers and white Marxist anarchists determined to overthrow capitalism, democracy, freedom and God.

I’ll pass on being on that side of history.

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