Covert Cash

Clarion Project is proud to present to our subscribers the exclusive premier release of our latest documentary Covert Cash: “What US universities don’t want you to know about their foreign funding.”

Covert Cash seeks to expose US universities and answer these questions:

Why would American universities accept money from corrupt regimes who actively work against American interests?
Why would they accept money from regimes whose human rights records clash with every American value we hold sacred?
Is it true that some campuses accept Chinese law, use Al Jazeera as their chosen news sources and hide billions from their own government?

With all eyes on the 2020 election, “Covert Cash” seeks to blow this subject wide open and drive awareness of the “corruption and lack of transparency” on campuses across America, those who allow foreign governments to gain “influence” and a nefarious “foothold” in the United States.

We hope you enjoy the film, and invite you to join our efforts in spreading awareness of this “egregious affront” to American values by sharing it widely with your contacts.

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