Long Lost Daughter

Though this happened in 2018, the video is “re-appearing” now again on Twitter, just in time for Democrats and Liberals to share it with the “radical left” compliant media.

Ammara Mazhar, a mentally “challenged” Pakistani girl declared herself to be Donald Trump’s daughter.

“A Girl in Pakistan claims She is REAL DAUGHTER of US President #DonaldTrump. pic.twitter.com/TYZQBTM9MD — Megh Updates (@MeghUpdates) September 6, 2020

Ammara claims she was “kidnapped” as a child from the USA and was brought to Pakistan by force. During this time period, she spent her life under the guardianship of a religious scholar and her teacher, but now wants to return to her father. “I miss him and he misses me, too.” 

“Many people think that I am not a Muslim so they misbehave with me. I want to tell them that I am a Muslim,” she clarified repeatedly wearing a black Niqab, to emphasize that she was a Muslim by religion. “And those who are spreading false rumors regarding my religion must stop.”

The girl further said that she has traveled the world on foot, walking all the way from the US to Pakistan “surpassing many forests.” She got far away from her father Donald Trump due to political conflicts.

“When I met him, he told me that he has given all my money to our Pakistani politicians so I would have to wait now,” she claimed.

“This woman from Pakistan claims to be Trumps daughter.” pic.twitter.com/LkVI2iW7L2 — Samia Khan (@samiakhan183) December 2, 2018

Upon the arrival of Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Ammara approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan requesting the top court’s Registry in Lahore to send her back to her home country, the United States, to get justice.

She said she was a “serious person” and asked people not to take it as a joke. She wants the top court to help get her money back. People think the girl is making up false stories with a hidden agenda of acquiring a U.S. passport.

Where is the Mother of this screeching “wee daft lassie?”

“Did u notice how she first mentioned religion and that her teacher who is a religious person supports her?” — Ebtesam (@Freaktesam) December 2, 2018

One Twitter user tagged Donald Trump and said, “You owe us money bro. We have been raising your daughter, send $20 billion in cash.”

Some people were empathetic..

“Awareness needs to be raised regarding mental health issues. Rather than making fun of her, we should help her in getting treatment.” — T@U$$ (@seef164) December 2, 2018

A doctor tweeted that the girl was “mentally unstable” and needed medical attention.

“She has manic disorder a character of bipolar disorder. The characteristic finding here is that she has racing thoughts, Shahbaz Sharif, India, Trump, Billo, World on Foot. These are unconnected thoughts. Plus she has delusions about trump being her father,” tweeted Fizan.

The “good news” is at least we can say now that someone in Pakistan “loves” Trump.

The “bad news” is no one has come forward to claim to love “creepy” Joe Biden sniffing hair/body aromas while pinching little girls nipples and using his “finger” penetrating unsuspecting female admirers.

Not even those “black roaches” in Delaware stroking his “leg hairs” at the pool and jumping “in his lap” for a dance.

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to have spread faster than coronavirus, and its symptoms are far worse.

One Response to “Long Lost Daughter”

  1. For the Dems, that one is a real stretch. But, it will make the news and be splattered over FB and Instagram.


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