Humpty Dumpty Stelter

CNN reporter Brian “Humpty Dumpty” Stelter appeared on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal” to promote his new, trashy book “Hoax” about FOX News and President Trump.

He did not expect what happened next. CSPAN callers dunked on Brian and CNN over their ongoing “fake news” and “lies.”

One of the people who called into the show “slammed” Stelter and his employer for various “distortions or misinformation” that has caused Americans to lose “faith in the media.” 

“Very good. You’re Nothing But a Stooge! The  last poll that I saw from a reliable source is that in 1970. Let’s talk about Walter Cronkite for a second. The United States  believed that the media was giving them real factual information. A new poll just came out that said it’s completely the opposite. 80% believed in the media in 1970 and now 20% does. So 80% doesn’t. When I look at that, I look at this as unreliable sources. You guys always talk about how many times  Trump has lied. I have calculated that with your Chiron’s, I don’t know if there is any Journalist left at CNN,  but I know that if I were to estimate, about 300 different distortions or misinformation that we get out of CNN and you have to watch them in airports which is harsh. But if you added that up to 46 months, comes out to be 300,000 plus distortions of truth,” the caller from Minnesota explained.

“Oh @brianstelter did not have a pile of fans calling in to C-SPAN today. This man really brought the pain, saying ‘CNN is the enemy of truth.’ Stelter said yeah, Trump has ‘radicalized’ people with this talk of media bias. Laughably claims MSM is structured to keep bias out!” — Tim Graham (@TimJGaham) September 1, 2020

In particular, the caller took issue with how CNN and other mainstream news outlets, like The Washington Post, treated Nick Sandmann, the teenager who was defamed during last year’s “March for Life.”

“So my thing here is that you guys, this is how low you’ll go. It’s that you went out and made lies and defamed a child and then you had to settle out of court, pay this child for distorting information about this young individual. I would say that if anything is happening at CNN and anybody who buys your book, it’s really just one of those things that’s dividing our nation. I don’t believe in dividing our nation. It hurts our great nation, so CNN really is the enemy of the truth. That’s my opinion. Thank you,” the caller said before hanging up.

A second caller attacked Stelter, chewing him up and spitting him and his network out, calling him “Humpty Dumpty” on the air.

“C-SPAN caller to Brian Stelter: ‘They put on FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTEST. Laugh there, Humpty Dumpty. We all know you’re not reliable.’

Stelter: ‘I think the idea is that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall so I guess he’s waiting for me to have a great fall?” — Kelb Hull (@CalebJHull) September 1, 2020

Stelter said he appreciated the call and knew these men weren’t the only Americans who felt that way.

“There’s been a process of a radicalization that’s happening in this country, with media bashing that is absolutely unprecedented. You know, 20, 30 years ago conservatives talked about media bias and there were some really valid points to that critique. It is absolutely true that lots of journalists are based in New York and Washington, they’re based in big cities, they have liberal leanings.”

“Mainstream newsrooms are built so that that bias doesn’t seep into the news coverage and yet, sometimes it does. I absolutely acknowledge that. I think it’s different to talk about things as if they’re enemies. No American is the enemy of another American. No news outlet is the enemy of America,” Stelter added.

Despite knowing how Americans feel, Brian Stelter and the folks at CNN will continue to do what they always do. You know why? Because they assume that President Trump’s analysis of the “fake news media” is all in his head. They chalk up people like this caller as just another “Trump-supporting deplorable.” 

CSPAN website link to the full interview. Note: You will need to click the link to watch the full video…

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