Trump Salutes Veterans

At the Republican National Convention Vice President Mike Pence gave his formal acceptance speech for the nomination to be the next vice president.

Vice President Pence delivered his live speech from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the site of an 1814 British bombardment against American “revolutionaries” that inspired the poem later turned into the US national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The backdrop gave Pence a cinematic opportunity to make the patriotic case for Trump getting a second term instead of allowing the nation to be “fundamentally transformed” by a Biden administration they say would take an uncharted path towards “socialism and mob rule.”

“The hard truth is… you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” said the 61-year-old Pence. Pence called Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden a “Trojan horse for the radical left” and said the Democrats “didn’t talk very much about their agenda” in their convention last week.“I wouldn’t either. Bernie Sanders did tell his followers that Joe Biden would be the most liberal president in modern times,” he added.

Touting Trump’s strong record on the economy before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and his ongoing efforts to revive it, he urged voters to ask themselves “who do you trust to rebuild this economy?” “A career politician who presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression? Or a proven leader who created the greatest economy in the world?”

Addressing the latest unrest Pence struck a tough tone. “Let me be clear,” he said. “The violence must stop whether in Minneapolis, Portland or Kenosha. We will have law and order on the streets of this country for every American of every race and creed and color,” he said.

When he finished the powerful speech, President Trump came out on stage to stand by the vice president and to stand for the National Anthem. It is here where the real story begins.

With the crowd chanting “four more years,” Country music superstar Trace Atkins took to the mic. As the first words of the nation’s anthem were being sung, the camera panned to a group of veterans with “Soldier Strong”, an organization that helps veterans with disabilities walk with the help of an “exoskeleton”, who were attending the event.

Most of the vets were either already standing or in their wheelchairs. But there was one vet who was “struggling” to stand, yet was “soldiering on” nevertheless. This man gave so much for his nation’s independence: his body, the ease of many every-day activities for many of us and his independence from devices.

But he stood and he saluted, something many American athletes, who not only retain all of their body’s members, but have super athletic abilities and get paid to run around, hit balls and score for their teams, don’t do.

As I watched this man stand for the entire anthem, thinking about him, his and the veterans’ sacrifices who stood and sat by his side last night, I couldn’t help but feel an enormous sense of pride for our nation, that we have people like this man who love our country that much. It was, however, in stark contrast of what was happening at the same time in Portland and other democratic cities where “riots, looting and violence” were declared once again for the 91st consecutive night.

Although this was truly a beautiful moment, there was another to come. Once the anthem concluded, the camera panned to President Trump and what was he doing? Well, it turns out the president also noticed the soldier struggling to stand so he acknowledged the man’s strength and courage. President Trump returned the “salute to the injured soldier” who sacrificed, stood and saluted our flag, president and nation. Now that was a beautiful sight that brought tears to my eyes.

The image your getting in your mind is exactly that of a Trump America – one that stands for the “pledge, anthem and flag.” A nation that respects its president and vice president. A nation that respects and acknowledges the sacrifices made by our service members. This picturesque moment is what another Trump administration will give us and further drives the point as to why we need another four years for President Trump.

With that said, what does a Biden-Harris administration look like? Look to Portland for your answer. Look to Kenosha, WI and Seattle too. It looks like “chaos.”

Trump has shown us what a president can accomplish if he or she works hard for the American people. He’s been a different kind of leader, yes, but he’s also made the most “progress” of any president in a long time. If Trump isn’t re-elected, I and many others worry how the nation will fare.

The US has been experiencing massive growth under President Trump, which typically would speak for his re-election, but 2020 is a temperamental year and the Republican ticket will need every single vote it can get. Do you think we’d have the same growth under a President Biden?

Another Trump-Pence presidency could prove to be even more historic for economic growth, the military and even more important, “patriotism.”

Think long and hard about whether you’d rather see “riots in the streets, buildings burning to the ground and lives being ruined;” or if you’d rather see “patriots singing our nation’s anthem and men and women struggling to stand to respect the flag.”

Although our vets make life-changing “sacrifices” I’d prefer to see the latter take place and I’m willing to bet they’d rather want the same.

What about you? Use your “Voice and Vote” wisely, your family and future live depends on it.

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