VP Qualifications

The mainstream media is shamefully “shilling” for the Democrat Party. They ignore Biden’s “mental” lapses. They pretend that it’s perfectly normal for a campaign to “keep a presidential candidate in the basement.”

And now, they pretend that being a vice president of a high school club is a “strong qualification” for becoming Vice President of the United States of America. We’re not kidding…

Recently, the AP News wrote an article about why Val Demings is qualified to be Joe Biden’s pick for VP, using her background as a vice president of a “high school club” as evidence of her “leadership” skills. Here’s a portion of the article: Val Demings has already been vice president.

In 1972, the future Florida congresswoman was a young Black girl struggling to make friends at a predominantly white Jacksonville high school. She and her best friend, Vera Hartley, created the “Charisma Club.” Hartley was president and Demings was her second-in-command.

“We created an environment of inclusion,” Hartley said, recalling how she and Demings invited white students to join. Then “we were able to get into other clubs.”

Nearly four decades later, Demings is again being considered for “vice president”, this time by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe “Sniffy” Biden.

As a Black woman with a background in policing who hails from America’s premier battleground state, Demings has honed the “charisma” she learned in high school to build a rapid “national” profile.

If being the vice president of a high school club isn’t enough of a “qualification” to become Biden’s pick for VP, AP News provided even more “evidence” of Demings’ success as an “elected” leader.

Demings worked her way through college at Florida State University, majoring in “criminal” justice. She was a “social” worker before starting at the “police” academy, with no small amount of “ambivalence” about the idea.

But it would be a significant move to Orlando, a city she didn’t know well; into a job that was still majority “white and male.” Her plan, she said, was “to stay under the radar, not draw attention to myself.”

And then her classmates in her “police academy” class asked her to run for class president. “I’m not sure why I said yes, I think it was just to overcome, and to just, don’t let fear paralyze you,” she said.

Up against two other “white” men for the job, “black” Demings won by a landslide.

“Nothing screams hypocrisy like considering a chief of police for a Vice President of a party that’s fighting to defund the police.”

Using AP’s logic:

If someone played a musical instrument in grade school they are now qualified to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra. And if someone once flew in an airplane, they are suddenly qualified to be the head of NASA!

Viva la Revolución

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