Your Skin/Teeth Color Is a Crime

Like this distorted picture of Seattle’s City Hall, so too was the content of the city’s recent meeting for its white employees.

The city of Seattle recently summoned its white employees only and essentially told them, “Your skin color is a crime,” according to a report by Tucker Carlson.

In a truly extremist and Orwellian perversion of “anti-racism” training, the meeting was officially called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

According to a public records request filed by City Journal reporter Chris Rufo “White employees were told that their white qualities were offensive and unacceptable. Those qualities included perfectionism, objectivity and individualism.”

They were further told to drop those qualities and undertake “the work of undoing your own whiteness,” which included to give up, among other things:

Spending time with their families
Guaranteed physical safety
Relationships with other white people
Niceties from neighbors and colleagues
The certainty of their job

As the U.S. “woke” narratives spins out of control, Carlson and many others have repeatedly pointed out that the quintessential definition of “racism” is judging a person by a quality they have no control over, like the “color of their skin or teeth.” 

What is important is to point out the overall picture of what they are saying:

White people are an inferior race.
White people must accept their status as an inferior race.
White people must submit and obey the superior races.
White people must “carry” the superior races in atonement for being an inferior race.

The “racists” of the Left are doing what they can to intellectually “disarm” everyone that is white. The purpose for this is to make us accept the implied “inferior” status so that we will “submit and obey” the superior races.

This is known as the conscious plan to introduce the “slavery of the white people” of our country. That is the purpose of the project.

If this madness continues the Left will be guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity unimaginable even to Stalin and Hitler.

The Left of today wouldn’t even accept the concept of “crimes against humanity” as according to them, there is no binding human race, no common humanity.

There are only races unbound to each other by any common human nature. Each race only bound by a common need to hold the reins of power over the other races.

The directive for white people is to “carry” other races as evil imperialist Rudyard Kipling so eloquently explained in “Take up the white man’s burden.” 

Are your teeth “whiter” than your neighbor’s? Use the Democratic Party approved “First Black Pepsident” toothpaste and no longer look better off than others!

It fights “white tooth” guilt by making all teeth “equal.” The future of collectivized dental care! 9 out of 10 U.S. government officials plus the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend it!

Here is Senator Nikki Haley “flashing” her white teeth “blinding” the eyes of viewers, like the “headlights” of an F-150. Wear polarized “shades” before viewing this set of white teeth and the “intimidating” power…

Get rid of that “embarrassing” million dollar smile. It’s so 20th century!

When white teeth are outlawed, only the outlaws will have white teeth.

White People Are Genetic Defects

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