Face Lift Gone Wrong

Democrat Senator Kamala Harris (CA) appeared on MSNBC to discuss late Congressman John Lewis.

But everyone was talking about her “new” face lift which apparently didn’t go well. Debuting her “cosmetic work and bizarre look” fueled rumors that she may be “pedophile” Biden’s VP pick!

“Thank you @KamalaHarris for joining me tonight on #PoliticsNation to remember the life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis.” pic.twitter.com/QCjgsLrqwa — Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) July 18, 2020

What happened to Kamala’s face? Her skin also looks a lot lighter? Those “cheekbones” look pretty high. Is she 1/1024 indigenous Native American too? Who did Kamala’s cosmetic work during the pandemic lockdown?

She’s in her 50’s and worn out from her long time “love affair” with former married San Francisco mayor and California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

Nobody expects her to look 30 like the Dems “Jihad Squad.” Before the facelift, it wasn’t her looks that were so ugly; it was her personality and her attitude. Those are still ugly, but now she has a face to match. Totally self-inflicted.

Did she look hard edged, totally ambitious, power hungry, heartless, incapable of compassion, and like what one might expect under that chrome Storm trooper armor in the pathetic Disney Star Wars sequels? Absolutely. But still, she has made herself look ridiculous now.

If this botched “face lift” cost her the VP spot, then I say carry on. Yes, that might mean the fake Pocahontas Warren may get a greater chance at being VP. And Trump and all of us can have a field day with 1/1024 Native American jokes.

Twitter users didn’t responded too kindly either.

“Excited for Kamala Harris cosmetic surgery twitter.” — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) July 19, 2020

“What did Kamala Harris do to her face? “— Kambree (@KamVTV) July 19, 2020

“OMG – Kamala Harris was on Al Sharpton’s show, and must’ve gone crazy with plastic surgery. It’s so bad.” pic.twitter.com/c35HK8zRUT — Catturd (@catturd2) July 19, 2020

“Who did Kamala Harris’ cosmetic surgery during the pandemic lockdown?” — Ali Alexander (@ali) July 19, 2020

“What happened to #KamalaHarris?” pic.twitter.com/h4aHR30lOc — Vaultteam6 (WWG1WGA) (@vaultteam6) July 19, 2020

“OMG!! What in hell happened to #KamalaHarris face?? Definitely a lot of facial work done. And if Kamala is so proud being black, then why the hell did she lighten her skin to be more white? Guess she and #HillaryClinton have the same doctor! Smdh!” #anonymous #QAnon #QArmy pic.twitter.com/AUXbfKIX60 — Anonymous Exposes Racism (@exposes_racism) July 19, 2020

@KamalaHarris is having some really awful elective surgery while the rest of us are barely allowed life saving surgery.” — DoubleJ (@XC11488) July 19, 2020

Joe “Sniffy” Biden sporting his new, modified face mask to enjoy the many different “body aromas” from his faithful female voters.

One Response to “Face Lift Gone Wrong”

  1. She looked better before.


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