Can We Still Support Trump?

Can We Still Support Trump?
by Shane Idleman

Now is not the time for hand-wringing and second-guessing ourselves. Many things that we’ve been praying for to happen in our nation are finally happening. So, at this stage, many of us will not apologize for backing the president, nor will we be intimidated. Unless millions of Americans, who are praying and truly seeking the will of the Father, are missing it, we will keep contending: “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).

In light of the current civil unrest, “Warmonger” Bolton’s supposed “bombshell book musings,” the media fake news, and Christianity Today’s newest article “condemning” Christians who support President Trump, I want to share some highlights from past articles. The charge of being a “hypocrite” if you support the president is often thrown at many Bible “believing” Americans.

I quickly found this out as soon as we released the message titled, The Destabilization of America. But hypocrisy means to intentionally “deceive” someone—who I am on Sunday is not who I am on Monday. We are not dealing with hypocrisy here. So what are we dealing with?

We have two primary issues playing out. Number one, many are simply not going to embrace the president’s agenda. In my opinion, people like “Chickenhawk” John Bolton were dead set against him from the get-go.

Why are we surprised when things like this come out? Many are going to do whatever they can to “remove” President Trump. Mr. President, know that there are millions who support many of your policies. Hold the line.

Secondly, this truly is a “spiritual” battle. There’s a big push toward “globalism, abortion on demand, sexual perversion, socialism, open borders” and so on. Calling Christians hypocrites is really just a “defense” mechanism for those who don’t want to see the “truth.” It’s often Christians who serve as our moral compass to get us back on track.

For example, when I talk about “ungodly” entertainment, I’m labeled a fundamentalist. When I talk about “purity and abstinence”, I’m labeled legalistic. When I talk about “defending babies”, I’m labeled as being against women. When I talk about “marriage” being between a man and a woman, I’m labeled a homophobe. When I “support” the current president, I’m labeled a hypocrite. And on and on it goes.

Anytime you stand for “truth” you will be labeled. Granted, the truth must come from a loving, gentle heart. The truth will “offend”, but our attitude should not. Many people on the conservative side also need to pray before posting something “derogatory” on social media. We are dropping the ball on both sides. For example, when I released an op-ed about “distorted” facts, a lot of people thought that I was writing something against the president (click here to read it).

The mean emails I received from “conservatives” were just as “nasty” as ones from liberals. Folks, we can all use a lot more “grace and humility”, including me.

The more concerning issue is that many claiming to be Christians embrace “liberal theology”, and most of them are “against” President Trump. This group typically has a problem with the “inerrancy” of Scripture as well as difficult truths, such as “repentance, judgment, and sin.” So it’s no surprise why they don’t like op-eds, social media posts, or anything grounded in truth.

They also welcome “anti-scriptural” agendas (the LGBTQ onslaught comes to mind), and they “mock” those who aren’t willing to “throw” their Bibles away and follow the crowd. Need more proof? It was liberals calling themselves “Christians” who primarily came against my article regarding what the Bible says about homosexuality.

So, one must ask the question regarding political hot buttons: “When Hollywood and most of the media is on your side, are you sure you’re on the right side?” The Bible encourages us to be “peacemakers” but not “religious negotiators.” In our zeal to reach others, we cannot “compromise the message” just because we want to be liked. We must speak the truth.

Another question goes something like this: “Do ungodly means justify a godly end?” To me, this is a no-brainer. The Bible says don’t “murder” innocent children (abortion). It also says that we should work “hard” if we can (no socialism). It also says that the government is to “guard” the nation, “securing” borders and “fighting” terrorism (Romans 13). The Bible adds that we should have “judges who are honest” and that we should bring God’s Word into all areas of life. And on and on it goes.

Many of President Trump’s staff are doing all this and more. How a person, let alone a Christian, can overlook these things is a mystery to me.

No, I don’t believe that all ungodly means are good if they lead to godly ends. It depends on the situation and what the means are. There are many variables, and a blanket statement—like so many of those who speak against the president are trying to make—will not suffice.

We have an interesting dynamic working here: “a politician actually doing what he said he would do.” His past is not perfect, but he is guiding America in the “right direction.” In fact, many governmental agencies are now hosting Bible studies. He still sins, like all of us, but it appears that he wants to point our “nation” back to God. His mode of communication is not always Christ like, but he is “honoring” God in many areas of legislation.

I see a man who is “flawed” like the rest of us. I see a man who is probably not “proud” of some of the things that he has done. We’re not looking for perfection; we’re looking for direction—“direction back to God.” Throughout biblical history, God has used “broken, flawed” leaders. Aside from Christ, is there another kind?

I’m pretty sure that if unborn babies could talk, they would tell us they are not too concerned about the president’s character. They would be far more concerned about the character of the physician with an abortion tool in his or her hand.

Ironically, the day before I released this article, I ran into a woman who was speaking Aramaic to her daughter. Her English was pretty good, so I asked her what she thought about our president. After explaining that she was a Christian from a persecuted area in Iraq, she said, “I love what he is doing. America is blessed to have him.”

Let that sink in.

Liberal Christians  who say they can’t support President Trump whine, complain, and get “holier-than-thou” but never offer an alternative. Why? Because there is no alternative. When you say, “I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils”, you are deflecting. Your “non-vote” is helping to assure that “evil” will prevail.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Not to vote for Trump empowers the people who “hate” you and your children. If they ever succeed in all their plans to change our precious land of the free into a “socialist” state, it is game-over for the last truly “free” country on earth.

Stand up for liberty, pray for those in Washington, and “vote for those who love America.” We as Bible believing Christians can and must turn this nation back to God!

Maximo Alvarez, the President of “Sunshine Gasoline”, praises Trump, and calls out leftists destroying America, “You’re Communist!”

Christians… Still Can’t Support Trump?

2 Responses to “Can We Still Support Trump?”

  1. If your support of anything depends on approval from the rest of the world, then you will not consistently support anything.


  2. This article may encompass a variety of topics, and so readers may find it repeated on various sites and posts. In the hope of encouraging readers, to support their common sense and hopes for a better tomorrow, we bring together anecdotes and real-life shared experiences, making connections when America was what the founding fathers worked so hard, even fighting was against tyranny, and what my friends and I enjoyed not too many decades ago.
    As I get older, I grow more appreciative of my own childhood, though during those years, I complained like most children and teenagers. Had I known what America would experience just a few decades later, I would have never complained with all the opportunities and friends I had, as well as growing up in a two parent home, all our needs met. My complaints were about too much homework, bullies, not getting what I wanted, sibling rivalry, and on…. We went to school, unaware of any rhetoric, played outdoors, running the neighborhoods, and did anything we could imagine until we got in trouble at home. Life was good. Chores. Neighborhood jobs. Sports. Family dinners. Trips. Whatever.
    Talking with my friends, one said he felt sorry for today’s youth. I thought about what they face today. Then, I agreed that what surround them today is outrageous. In a sense, we wonder if they have any chance. From the moment they awaken, they are surrounded by rhetoric, propaganda, motivational controls, progressive messaging, and demoralizing messaging. Being of the technological age (computers, infinite channel television, smart phones laced with propaganda and demoralizing messaging, information at their fingertips, then sitting for hours where more messaging occurs, more time on computers), it seems they don’t stand a chance. Many of their parents, if they have both or any (When we were growing up, two parent homes were the norm. We rarely thought of broken homes.), are themselves a product of the “Matrix”: a matrix of half-truths, lies, and persuasion. So, their caring parents have to negotiate a life of what we’re seeing today. They get it with the adults of the world. Many families get it with their friends. They get it when they’re supposed to be learning. To repeat, they get it on the internet, they get it on their smart phones, they get it at the movies, on Net Flix, and they get it everywhere else. Then, to top it off, they become aware of the most degrading and defiling things in this world, which often can steal their innocence. Far too early for sure. No chance to grow up with that naïve way so important to growing up, to wondering, to dreaming, and to look forward to each day and a wide-eyed view of the decades ahead. So they lose themselves, their own identity, an identity changed and molded by the ones creeping through the internet, smart phones, and television, then finding them in books. And then, they are dealing with all we see today, a whole population that either don’t think for themselves or just goes along to get along, few speaking words of wisdom. And because being themselves is too difficult, they find a way to “fit in,” then suffer guilt, bad dreams, and need medicines.
    Yes. I firmly believe many people suffer internally because they can’t see the forest for the trees. They are living a life of lies, propaganda, and redirected attention, seeing it all around them, and finding no spark of light on which to see hope. It can be that dreary. Where are the people who understand? Where are the people who think clearly and see what I see? Yes, I have heard similar type words from younger people. I tried, to the best of my ability, to understand so they met one person, among others, that heard them.
    Thankfully, there are parents that had “wise”, “thoughtful,” “innocent” parents, both staying together, having family times, and staying away from the internet and smart phones. Yes, we still have a chance. Because I believe, though many suffer and will suffer, people inherently want good. Even if they make a ton of mistakes in their lives and have to learn the hard way. Even if they have to fit in, behave as others to be cool, and toe the line of propaganda in order to find work. The Matrix (Watch the movie if you haven’t already. It’s metaphorical to real life.) has placed a curtain of lies, rhetoric, propaganda, demoralizing messaging, and misdirection all around them. It’s made it so that we can’t even speak our minds in the public. Certainly not at work. And then having to nod as others, to speak the same language, to be another automaton without our own intuition. America was founded upon the free exchange of ideas. That’s how many of the problems the media keep complaining about were solved over the past decades. And in those video games is more. I played those in college for a time, but realized the problem, and so gave them all up. Online chess or checkers maybe. Those two games help with critical thinking, logic, and math.
    Here is perhaps a very big problem within the others. This one thing adds tremendous problems, for it’s all around, and often in disgusting, horrific plainness. The constant sex messaging: everywhere. No chance to get away. No chance to just dig under rocks, watch a caterpillar make a cocoon, or make believe about story books. It invades every aspect of our lives. These messages, commercials, shows, and explicit pictures all distort what is natural, supposed to be between a man and his wife, and rip apart people’s sensibilities and patience, stealing what isn’t theirs. They make it so, that as people are defiled, they can’t look at each other with respect. Having been corrupted, people grow up and find they can’t have a real relationship. They can only find what passes for relationships with others going down the same lost path. And many parents know, and do their best to keep it away from their children. And thankfully, those parents help the next generation.
    I’ve stopped watching certain stations. We could be watching a cool show, older shows, like Gilligan’s Island, Shrek, or even The Andy Griffith Show. Then, on commercials are a slew of sex commercials, very explicit in talk, some even telling what they’re going to do. Even when family shows are on! And they do it so naturally, as if what they’re saying and telling is normal. We can watching a very innocent commercial, then one of those come on. A commercial about health. Another about a new invention in garden care. Then one of those. It’s on the web. It’s on the smart phone. It’s in the people because so many have become changelings. And mental illness is on the rise. I told a friend this would happen. And when many seek help, often they find the help from those who don’t support religion, don’t support traditional life, and won’t (because they can’t) speak plainly what might be best. It’s all becoming progressive, which many don’t understand what that term actually means.
    We are in a country in which all of our traditions, religious beliefs, and simplicity are under constant attack. All the positive aspects that made this country of freedom and opportunity, a place their children could grow up with hope, where a man or woman’s limitations is only how much effort they’re willing to expend, are being attacked. Make no mistake. Things will get worse. As a people lose their traditions, lose their original America identities, lose touch with morals (Morals are within our hearts. They are a part of us: who we are. We’re born with understanding, morals, and a light of clarity which needs protection by parents.), they become like ships lost at sea, without a compass, without sight of land. And the ones giving direction are also separated from traditional values, from a real American identity, and from their morals. As I said to a friend, things have to get worse. Unfortunately, it’s often the only way. For until things get really bad, many don’t wake up. People have to decide what’s important. People have to decide what’s best for their children. They have to stand for what’s right, for if they don’t the future generations will suffer greatly, more so than today. So as they see things fall apart, jobs and careers being destroyed, the young suffering internally, many needing medicines to cope with life (We never saw any of that while growing up.), and our system of laws being turned upside down, they need to wake up. They need to speak up. They need to stand for something real. Be real. And vote for real wherever they can find them. And as we wake up, vote for those who support the constitution, support our police, and support laws: real laws, support traditions and morality, we will see those who have been attempting to place blindfolds over our eyes. These un-American people will be frothing at the teeth. They will be gnashing at the teeth. They will be attacking. They will call you every name in the book. But that’s good. Because they’re showing you who they are. And that’s where you shine. But it will be a struggle. In patience. It took years, even decades, to get where we are. It will take time, time worth the effort, to bring honesty, simplicity, decency, and all that is good back to the fore.
    On blogs, we see so many people like ships lost at sea. Many seem to want to write their life stories, to find relevance, to find meaning, to make a statement that brings them meaning. Like blind mice. And their answers? And they group together. Like the blind leading the blind. No one has any wisdom. No one shines a light. Everyone is just surviving. And in pain. Well, many, perhaps most. They need their drugs and drink. They need their meds. They need their distractions. They need their “friends,” for when you’re lost, finding someone as lost is like finding someone who understands. Together lost. No one having any answers that last. Some need to believe in atheism, because they’ve lost hope, many having been demoralized, then succumbed to outlandish behaviors and thoughts, many believing they can never be saved, and many seeing so many problems, which they use as reason to believe in nothing. But some eventually, if they’ve seen enough, realize if there is bad in the world, then there must be good (One man told us the horrors of the world made him realize the good. I liked that.). But people keep looking for their “solutions” outside of where the real solutions are. Sounds good today. Tomorrow, all the problems return. The controllers of the Matrix don’t ever want you to wake up. They create the problems, then come to solve them. They attack every real answer in the name of freedom. They distort language. In a sense, working together. Not that they all know this. Without their understanding, they actually think the false answers are the real answers. Many don’t know any better, doing their best. I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing to have woken up to it. So where do I find my answers, as best as I can? For I struggle as well. But I’ve learned not to hang my hopes on any other person. I have friends: good friends and others. I talk with a few people of wisdom. And wherever I am, if I find someone on the searching path, we talk. But we don’t completely depend upon each other. We encourage then go about our own ways. Reading good books. Reading the bible. Going to church now and then. Researching. Unplugging while camping, fishing, and doing other hobbies. And not doubting what we understand, even if it’s not popular, even if it makes finding work more difficult. Ronald Reagan once said it best, to his daughter: To thine own self be true. Each one of us is special. Each one of us is meant for something good. And there is much to hope for in a country where we still have the U.S. Constitution and freedom. Opportunities abound.
    And setting aside any trash. Getting the garbage out of the way. There is a very real reason why sex, sick sex, and outfits that reveal everything are everywhere (On television, in movies, on sit-coms, in commercials, on the web, on the smart phones the moment you turn it one, if you ever turn it off, in magazines, in books laced between all the decent ones, in ads, and in people who have bought into the matrix.). Progressive messaging. If you can demoralize a people, you control them. Keep their minds occupied, keep them with their problems, keep them entertained with the lowest common denominator messaging, and then provide solutions that are more of the problems. And when people are demoralized, they find themselves cut off from being their once innocent selves. We often hear people say, they don’t know who they are. They are trying to find themselves. But often, they find themselves where the new identity takes them further away from who they once were. Now, they’re ripe for the answers that will make them “feel good,” but actually worsens their problems. Very intricate web of lies. But if you wake up, even slowly, you’ll see it. But don’t get angry or enraged. Calmly understand. Realize it took a long time to get here. Yes, there are those who intended harm, then brainwashed and controlled others, getting their own kind into high places, creating regulations and controls over our lives. Every step of the way. But if you realize, remain calm. Be happy and you’ll see. Then start having conversations, encouraging others, reading the books that bring more understanding, learning about history: real history. Not what most of the media would have you believe. The founding fathers were decent people. Not perfect. They had their own challenges of their times. But they created a country where we’ve had the best chances at freedom and opportunities. But the “haters” were always there, from the beginning, and slowly, they sought to return us to the dark ages. And along the way, people from communist countries entered our institutions, our entertainment industries, in government agencies, and worked very hard to promote an anti-American agenda. Slowly. But steadily. What these “haters” see as freedom is really slavery. We are becoming enslaved by propaganda and infinite regulations.
    The beauty is recognizing the problem is the solution, beginning the path closer to our American identity, which is real human identity.


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