Purging Elderly & Blacks

These glorious “heroes” of the youthful Marxist “revolution” have done a miraculous job for us. They have “removed” well over 30,000 boomers, elderly, blacks and other largely Republican-leaning voters from the voting rolls and now they will forever be “voting” for Democrats from their graves.

New York State’s very own Governor Cuomo is being lauded by his comrades for giving wonderful speeches to cover up the fact that he never intended to use the DoD-built Red Hook facility in Brooklyn to treat COVID patients, instead, he sent over 4,500 COVID patients into New York State nursing homes, thereby killing thousands of elderly and non-progressive voters.

In New Jersey, Phil Murphy holds the record for killing the elderly in New Jersey State nursing homes with thousands killed at his hands. They won’t be voting for Trump now, but be added as death democratic voters next elections.

Finally, there is the team of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and his Health Secretary, Rachel Levine, a “rainbow trans-man” now woman. Rachel Levine took care to remove her own mother from the Pennsylvania nursing home where she resided PRIOR to sending COVID patients there. They can pretend to not know what would happen because Rachel Levine has outstanding “Social Justice” credentials being a trans-woman. Anything anyone says against her or her actions is a hate crime.

The grand prize for creating/exacerbating a crisis and then getting out in front of it and positioning oneself as some sort of wise leader must go to Governor Andrew Cuomo for claiming the “Covid virus came from Europe” while surreptitiously killing thousands and thousands of old Republican-leaning voters in nursing homes.

They are all getting away with it too! Outstanding!

As New York sinks further into the cesspool of their own creation,

Seattle rushes to become the country’s first truly police-free nation,

and Chicago’s black genocide program continues unabated

Barack Obama the “Magnificent” explained to Jane Strum why “ObamaCare” was necessary for the elderly.

If Obama had a son, he would look like his Father for whom “Black Lives Don’t Matter”

“Nursing Homes”? “A certain joy of living”? “Painkiller”? Why, just one hearty blow with lopata, and it’s done.

Senior living facilities: All the vote fraud we cannot see

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