Virgins of Paradise

Gaza Islamic Scholar Ahmad Khadoura says that these are the attributes of the “virgins” awaiting each Muslim believer when he get to Paradise, and he will have the sexual “fortitude” of 100 men.

“There will be no menstruation, no childbirth, no saliva, no mucus, no urine, and no excrement,” says so called fake Islamic “scholar.”

The one regret this ex-Muslim has about leaving Islam. “Leave Islam and you lose your inalienable right to 72 sexy virgins in paradise.” Just kidding! Apostate Prophet confirms the horrible “misogynistic” treatment Muslim women are subjected to under Islam.

A response to the claim from a secular Muslima who, in an effort to portray the idea that it’s her modest and liberal interpretation of Islam is the accurate one, claims that the Qur’an provides no foundation for the idea that Muslims will receive “houris” for acts of martyrdom in Allah’s Whorehouse and therefore the fanatics are the ones who are wrong and Islam is not sexist but male centric.

Overheard on the Internet Highway…

…”Fighting and dying for 72 raisins sounds about right in the woke world of Islam”… 

…“So you’re hanging about in heaven with your 72 girls and you run into your wife. I never understood that part. Does she get some sexual fantasy too?”…

…“I am not Casanova but I have had sex with a few women in my life, after all I grew up through the sex, drugs and rock n roll area of the 1960s. However I don’t want to be in bed with a woman that has zero experience and obviously a virgin has zero experience, so what’s the point, unless I’m teaching her what to do, how to do it, and what feels good etc. Imagine having to deal with 72 of them”… 

…“Nope I don’t want no 72 virgins leaping on me. It took me a life time to train such a fine tuned women as I am in charge of it, it’s a gift from my Creator not to be wasted on no skankie Muslim”… 

…”They get 72 old hags whether they leave the ideology or not; slicing and dicing with dull razor blades in Hades for those which do not leave the ideology”… 

“What kind of religion tells its followers that they must kill people they disagree with, upon which they will have an orgy in heaven. Then imagine people stupid enough to believe this, especially when they are dead. Only Muslim…

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