Seattle Mosque Burned Down

Events took an unexpected turn when a large crowd of “Antifa and BLM activists” descended on the “Islamic Center of Eastside” mosque in Seattle and “burnt” it to the ground.

The peaceful “arsonist” was apparently provoked by certain “passages” in Islamic scripture that endorse “slavery.”

A press release from the Grand Inquisitioner of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” explains:

“As a new nation of unparalleled equality and egalitarianism, we oppose all ideologies that consistently and unapologetically endorse the institution of slavery. It would be hypocritical to criticize the current system in the United States while allowing another system that has a far greater history of slavery and oppression. We do not want to be called hypocrites or uneducated fools who know nothing about history. Nope, we couldn’t allow that. Ever.”

It appears the “Religion of Peaceful Killing” retaliates now on the peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protesters.

After all, the Prophet Mohammed was a notorious “slave owner/slave trader” as are many of his followers, even today.

With groups like “Antifa and Black Lives Matter” tearing down statues and burning down institutions perceived to be “racist” one would think they would demand the “shutdown” of Mosques and Islamic institutions because of Islam’s historic and ongoing involvement in the “Black slave trade.”

Nowhere on earth today can you “buy” a Black person to be a slave…except in the Arab Muslim world. Some 1400 years later, the immense scale of “brutality and enslavement” still being inflicted on Black Africans by Arab Muslims in the Middle East and other countries is stunning.

And make no mistake, “enslaving” Black people is still continuing today in that world.

Muslim scholars have been allowed to teach their own version of history to the non-Muslim World, which means the “truth” gets buried in political correctness. The Muslim “slave trade” began centuries before Western slavery and has carried on after long after Western slavery ended.

Long live the “Islamic Slavery” and “Black Lives Don’t Matter” revolution!

Slavery should be celebrated as one of the virtues of Islam
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The most brutal, inhumane slave masters in history were NOT white men, they were Muslims
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For Black Muslim only…and black people who are thinking of converting to Islam
Saudi man is selling his castrated black African slave on Facebook
Islamic Slave Master: Saudi Arabia
Sexual Slavery…alive and well and thriving in Saudi Arabia

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