Living in Squalor

Instead of “taking a knee” for a PR stunt, Pelosi should be on her knees begging God to forgive her for allowing blacks and other Americans to live in squalor in her home town San Francisco.

Check out the “walls” surrounding  Nancy’s “huge” mansion!

Now, when you “click” on this Twitter video below I want you to remember that this woman has been in her position representing this district for 33 years and this is how it still looks in her disgusting “pigsty” San Francisco today.

But staunch Catholic “Slum Queen” Nancy Pelosi daily prays and pretends to care about homeless people and drug addicts enjoying “free” street showers, while she has no problem living in splendor in her massive “mansion” with her $34K refrigerator and dozens of $14 ice cream tubs while the poor minorities live like they’re in a “third world” country just down the road.

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