Joe Biden’s Husband

In what can only be described as the cherry on top of his Alzheimer’s cake, Joe Biden just introduced himself as his own husband.

I know, it sounds nutty, but that’s exactly what happened

Biden, who sounded like he was gurgling when he spoke, was almost impossible to understand. Not to mention the video was a jumbled technical and sound mess and the pillow behind him made it look as if he was wearing shoulder pads.

He introduced himself by saying “Hi, I’m Joe Biden’s Husband.” 

This brings up the question. “If I’m Joe Biden, and Joe Biden is my husband, then who is Joe Biden?”

Perhaps he was attempting a sequel to the old song, “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

All of America is patiently waiting for the upcoming presidential debates. Time to stock up on popcorn and your favorite cold beverages, relax in your lounge chair and watch the spectacle from the privacy of your home.

Belated “Happy 4th Of July”

Last, but not least let’s hear from the younger generation and the two teachers in this video!

Remember, these are the people at the voting booth this fall.

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