Long Live The Narratives

Systematic liberal racism in full display.

The oppressive and racist film “Gone With The Wind” is being pulled.

I assume the 13 academy awards from 1940 must be “melted” down and “deleted” from the history books like “statues” of Robert E. Lee, celebrating “Confederate” life.

Except the award for Hattie McDaniel, who played “Mammy”, the first African American Woman nominated for and winning an academy award.

Because…”Black Awards Matter” more than “Black Lives Matter.”  WARNING: Lot’s of foul FY Language

I don’t know anyone foolish enough to “mess” with this woman. I certainly wouldn’t. There is a lot of “pain” and experience talking there. Listen to the expert. May she find some comfort and peace.

No more “white” privilege… Black Lives Matter now runs the Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk.

Notice how the press calls it a “brawl” or “fight.” A large gang of black males “brutally” attacking a single white man is a brawl and not a “racist” attack. Those noble blacks “thugs” are doing a fine job of keeping our streets “free of white privilege.”

Leftist forces with the help of “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” have taken over Central Seattle and “liberated” the city center from its “oppressive” police force.

Finally, some sane people running Seattle.

As usual, Muslim “slave” owners have to demonstrate their Islamic supremacy when they are among Black Lives Matter. They “spread” out their filty rugs on the street, then “bang” their heads on the ground and “lift” their asses to Allah in a “disgusting” prayer spectacle. Notice how the men are in “front” and the women are relegated to the “back” in this “misogynistic” ritual.

It’s supposed to be about Black Lives Matter. But they are “annoyed” about the lack of “recognition” that black Muslim “slave” women have gotten throughout the latest Black Lives Matter protests.

Ignore the “polls and the pundits” predictions of a Donald Trump defeat in 2020.

They did the same thing in 2016. Sometimes the best way to look at America is from “outside” America.

“Police are rotten to the root” says Somali Congress “Jihadi” hypocrite Ilhan Omar.

David Wood’s brilliant “smack down” of the America “hating” Muslim insurgent, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), posing as a member of Congress.

Some semblance of “normalcy” in an era of far left “insurgency and insanity” in America.

President Trump delivers in person the commencement address for the “United States Military Academy” at West Point graduation.

I rest my case for today.

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