Brown Shirts Wanted

Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” (CHAZ) send out a call for donations after the “homeless” reportedly had stolen everything.

They’ve since started a green “garden” so that they can remain autonomous and not “rely” on the United States food supplies.

In a Twitter account claiming to be the official “Voice of CHAZ” they’re asking that any clothing donations not come from major labels, and if you can keep the colors drab, that would be a plus. “Brown shirts are preferred.”

“Please avoid clothing donations from major labels. Drab/brown clothing preferred. Please remove logos from anything waterproof” #CapitalHillAutonomousZone #chaz #chazseattle #chazcomms #seattlechaz — Official Seattle CHAZ (@CHAZSeattle1) June 12, 2020

Let’s set up a clothing exchange after the march. Comrades will need regular dry clothing with this weather” #seattlechaz #chazseattle #chaz #chazcomms #seattleprotest #SeattleCommune — Official Seattle CHAZ (@CHAZSeattle1) June 12, 2020

“Clothing can be dropped by the tents at 12th and E. Pine. Across from the Packard Bldg. Spare charger cords and kitchen utensils welcome.” #chaz #seattlechaz #CapitalHillAutonomousZone #chazcomms #blm #seattleprotests — Official Seattle CHAZ (@CHAZSeattle1) June 12, 2020

Other supplies the “autonomous” peoples of CHAZ desperately need.

If CHAZ is “autonomous” why don’t they apply for “foreign aid” from the US?

Why wait for “donations” when you can “force” a nation of white male “taxpayers” to fund their utopia?

Wow, look at all of those Gay Nazis holding hands! It literally gives me a thrill up my leg!

You couldn’t possibly invent a better “satire” of the loony “left” than what these “CHAZ” people are doing.

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