White Privilege Liberated

Leftist forces with the help of “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” have taken over Central Seattle and “liberated” the center of the city from its “oppressive” police force. Your white “privilege” is over.

A wall has been “erected” and downtown Seattle is now a “police” free zone.

Of course, Google and the media will quickly “delete and hide” the photos showing their automatic weapons for us, or people might get the wrong idea.

This is what police looks like:

Raz Simone, the warlord of CHAZ.

The new boss is NOT the same as the old boss.

The new “Minister of Culture” installs new art works in the newly liberated “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) . If only Che were here to see this proud achievments.

You better watch out whitey! BLM now runs the Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk.

No more “white” privilege. Notice how the press calls it a “brawl, fight or a block party.” A large gang of black males brutally attacking a single white women is a brawl and not a racist attack.

Those noble blacks are doing a fine job of keeping our resorts free of white privilege.

Black Lady on Black Lives Matter. I Wish She Would Tell Us How She Really Feels. WARNING: Lot’s of foul Language.

A group of BLM & Antifa anarchists who commandeered six city blocks in Seattle, are having a really hard time kick-starting their new “autonomous farm government.” They’ve named their new agricultural zone “CHAZ” after Cher’s son!

On day one, the Communists invited the“homeless” people into CHAZ, who ate all their food to avoid starvation before they even started the second day of planting.

Surely there must be something that we, as the “white privileged” collective, can do to help these people and keep them from starving. Maybe refer them to an organization that raises awareness of food insecurity?

Maybe such an organization knows where to find people who will box up food into “care packages” and send them to CHAZ? How about a drone to drop off those care packages to them? Do we know anyone who has one we can borrow?

What about the “SNAP” program? If someone inside CHAZ has WiFi, they might be able to apply for “food stamps” online. Do we know of any celebrities who can get a bunch of other celebrities together to record a song about the “hungry” people of CHAZ?

Honestly, I might just give them a hug, except, you know, social distancing. Even a little elbow bump or  gentle foot tap would be enough to make me feel better about this injustice.

Some kind person or organization should provide the People’s of CHAZ pallets of this scrumptious delicacy.

Hopefully, this group of American Antifa hating commies have Pizza Hut on “speed dial” to prevent malnutrition and starvation.

To “improve” the agricultural fields the Antifa hired Mike Bloomberg as farming consultant.

The end of “white privilege” has also affected Dr. Jacobson, a lawyer and professor who happens to be conservative. He has provoked the “woke”, and the price for this must be paid.

Being a “conservative” at an Ivy League school is not an “enviable” position these days. Academia is increasingly “intolerant.” For years now Dr. Jacobson has been writing at his prominent conservative website Legal Insurrection.

But recently the leftist “mob” attacked Professor Jacobson for writing factually but “critically” of the Black Lives Matter movement. And now they’re after his head.

UCLA Prof. Placed on Leave After Refusing to Postpone Exams for Black Students
Has America ever had a more crazed mayor than Seattle’s Jenny Durkan?
Rapper Raz Simone being Seattle’s police-free CHAZ warlord.

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