Near Death Experience

Narrated by the renowned voice actor Timothy G. Little, this awe-inspiring audiovisual experience gives voice to the experiences of Veterans, physicians, truck drivers and other people who have committed suicide and, often under amazing circumstances, have returned to life.

This video is the full narration of Chapter Ten entitled “Suicide & The Near Death Experience” of the new digital, print and audio book by Leroy Nelson “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here? Planning Confidently For The Next Life”.

Tim Little’s narration is accompanied by stunning visuals of our universe from the legendary Hubble telescope, which makes the experience of listening to Tim’s voice describe the near death experiences of returned suicides even more meaningful.

Please share this YouTube link with anyone you care about who may be helped by watching and visit “” to get your free digital download of “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here?”

The digital eBook download edition is 100% free from our partners at Smashwords available as epup, mobi (Kindle) or pdf.

After you enjoy listening to and viewing this video, you might also like to know that “Answers To: Where Do We Go From Here?” is now available as a full-length audio book.

Suicide Crisis Help Lines & Sites
Lost all Hope
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention
Befrienders Worldwide

One Response to “Near Death Experience”

  1. Thanks for the video recognizing the immense value of human soul, that why I glad to here they are order to return


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