Viva La Revolución

It is very important to stay indoors. Having any form of contact with other humans is a “crime” against humanity. You must sacrifice your “rights” for the good of the community. We are at war against a microscopic invisible enemy called “Covid.”

America has never been at war against “Covid.” The war has always been against the rich Trump, the Russians, the Ukrainians and Police brutality. It is perfectly safe to go out and gather in “mobs” of thousands of people. Have fun “rioting and looting” the stores of the people paying taxes for your “welfare” checks.

Long live the revolution!

We are working overtime to push all of these former “lockdown” statements down the memory hole. Of course, when the shops and firms of the middle class in Democrat territories have all been “burnt” down, we will shamelessly demand another “covid” lockdown. The Sheeple will use “doublethink” to follow the right path, merrily bleating along.

It’s not just America. The rest of the world has also never been at war with “Covid.” Just look at these worldwide rallies in “solidarity” with American protesters.

But there’s something “strange” in all of this. Why aren’t they “breaking” windows in the stores where they go shopping every day? Why aren’t they “burning” down their own restaurants? Why do they only want the “looting and the burning” happen only in the U.S.?

Question for all these protesters: “Have any of you fought for justice and freedom for your own people without stealing toilet paper from the local grocery?” I didn’t think so.

Facebook removed above meme because “misinformation that could cause physical harm can make some people feel unsafe on Facebook.”

Just thinking about Facebook makes me feel unsafe.

Rioters didn’t “cause” any physical harm, but the “meme” did. Thank you, Facebook, for helping “clearing” up this point.

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