All In Illinois

Gov. Jay “Fatso” Pritzker called on all Illinois residents to be “All in for Illinois” and to sequester at home.

“Now the rest is up to you. Our strongest weapon against COVID-19 is you. For a little while longer we must all commit to staying home, staying safe and practicing social distancing to stay healthy. Every one of us must abide by this to get through this difficult time, so to honor you and to bring us together in our commitment to doing what’s right I’m introducing a new statewide initiative to participate in and it’s called All in Illinois.”

“‘All in’ is our anthem and point of pride. Illinoisans staying home for the good of each other and the good of our state,” Pritzker said. “Be all in. ‘All in Illinois’ means we care about one another, we care about our communities. We are one Illinois, and we’re all in this together.”

Does “All in Illinois” slogan apply to Illinois Billionaire Gov. Pritzker’s family? Apparently not.

Add corrupt, corpulent, obese Democratic Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker to the list of Democrats who have not been covering themselves in “glory” during this pandemic.

Governors have been instituting “stay at home” orders requiring you and me to stay in, asking us to comply for the alleged “health” of citizens. So when they appear to “violate” there own rules, when they play these “rules for thee, but not for me games,” it doesn’t go down well with the public. reported that Pritzker’s wife Mary had flown out of the state despite a “stay-at-home” order and a request against “non-essential” travel to go their $12 million equestrian estate in Wellington, Florida.

So a reporter asked Pritzker about his wife’s “disappearance” during a press conference.

“Where’s the First Lady? Is she accompanied by a state security detail? Has she engaged in non-essential travel? What is your response to people who say the stay-at-home order and non-essential travel bans aren’t abided by your family?” a reporter asked.

Pritzker then, with a huge amount of gall, “chastised” the reporter for daring to ask the question and even writing about it.

“Well, first of all, I want to say is that in politics it used to be that we kept our families out of it. My official duties have nothing to do with my family. So, I’m just not going to answer that question. It’s inappropriate and I find it reprehensible, honestly that, that a reporter wrote a story about it,” Pritzker angrily responded.

Despite Pritzker’s assertion that his wife should remain “out of the spotlight” she has been involved in public political efforts in recent weeks, teaming up with Lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and Chicago first lady Amy Eshleman to raise money for the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund “to provide financial assistance to the city’s creative scene and cultural organizations impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.

“Art has always been of incredible importance to me and to my family,” Pritzker said at the time, praising his wife’s role in the relief effort. Additionally, the first lady reportedly has an office in the Illinois Capitol and the James R. Thompson Center, as well as a taxpayer-funded staffer, who makes an estimated $90,000 per year.

“What’s inappropriate is the Pritzker family’s track record of abiding by the rules only when it suits them,” Kayleen Carlson, executive director of Illinois Rising Action told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement. “The First Lady has a taxpayer-funded staffer and two taxpayer-funded offices – so her whereabouts are not off limits,” Carlson added.

Pritzker refused to answer questions about his “hypocrisy.” He forced a harsh “quarantine” on our state, ordering every citizen to “shelter-in-place”, yet dispatched his family to their “lavish” FL equestrian estate.

“Apparently, lockdowns are for the little people.” — Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) April 30, 2020

Thinking it really doesn’t sound like you’re “All in for Illinois” when you’re “luxuriating” in Florida. Not a good look to “not have your family follow your own orders.”

Gov. Jay & Mary Pritzker’s $12.1 million equestrian estate in Wellington, Florida.

Specifically, the first lady has been spending time at their $12-million equestrian estate in Wellington, just down the horse trail from Bruce Springsteen, Bill Gates and Billy Joel, the family purchased shortly after J.B. was elected governor last year.

Obviously, Mary has no obligation to sequester herself in their “Astor Street Mansion” on the Gold Coast in Chicago when her family can hop on a private plane to “stay-at-home” in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, known as “Casa del Sueno”, the family estate in the Bahamas, close to the governor’s off-shore bank accounts, their place in the “winter equestrian capital of the world” in Florida, or “The Illinois Governor’s Mansion” where he doesn’t live but keeps a “toothbrush and a “spare set of clothes.”

Billionaire businessman and heir to the “Hyatt hotel fortune” probably deals with the coronavirus related “lockdowns” different from “work-a-day” folks providing for their poor families.

It’s not like our billionaire governor’s family doesn’t have a “reason” for time spent in America’s southernmost red state. The first lady grew up “riding” horses in South Dakota. The Pritzker’s’ daughter, a competitive “show” jumper, has been “training” in Wellington while her “corrupt, obese dad” has been getting to know “reporters” better during his daily pandemic news conferences.

There’s no getting around the ironic, political intrigue of Illinois’ first lady quietly spending time out of the public eye at one of the “many family vacation homes” while so many non-billionaires “financially and emotionally” struggle under her husband’s newly extended coronavirus “stay-at-home” order, the second-longest in America.

But who can blame Mary really, it’s 83-and-sunny in Florida and she’s a billionaire wife, while the poor, little people of Illinois are “imprisoned” in their homes.

While Pritzker faces legal challenges over the extension of Illinois’ “stay-at-home” order, Florida, “where his wife mask free sunbathes,” is slowly reopening.

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