Wilhelm Tell Overture

Bronx Barmaid Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez, better known by her initials AOC, went live on her Instagram to “rant” about the US Presidency to provide more testing and to support the effort of local and state governments.

According to “Sandy”  the president has not been supportive enough of the governors and that medical supplies and local funding is needed.

“So that’s what we need to do. If you want your freedom, if you want to end the shutdown, then tell your president to make some damn test and to support the state governments. It is outrageous. So, if you wanna make sure we reopen the economy, while don’t you turn around, match over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and protest this president, who is not supporting the governors in making sure that we get the test, the medical equipment, the hospital funding and the state and local funding so that we can all get on with our lives. That’s what I got to say about that.” 

Unhappy with the House Republicans, Barmaid “Sandy” returned to Congress for a second time to denounce the aid Stimulus package for small businesses, (which she actually voted for despite her claims to the contrary) saying it’s unconscionable that Republicans in the house were not willing to vote for money to fund hospitals and testing.

Venting on the House floor she whined “It is a joke when Republicans say that they have urgency around this bill…you are not trying fix this bill for mom & pops. We have to fight to fund hospitals. Fighting to fund testing. That is what er are fighting for in this bill. It is unconscionable.”

In frustration Barmaid “Sandy” returned for a third time to Congress to release some of her “anger” while conducting the 1812  Wilhelm Tell Overture without her mandatory face mask.

Note: Turn your sound up to experience the full benefit of this video.

All that was missing was the Apple and a crossbow arrow piercing her “mushy” brains.

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