Lethal Lockdown Force

Early morning patrol practice run in Lansing area park.

Tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan took her already excessive state “restrictions” in the fight against Covid-19 a step further announcing that any “violations” of the executive order authorizes her to use “lethal force” by law enforcement because…“it’s snowing.”

“If you think you can just go out and buy a bag of charcoal, think again. Going out for unnecessary purchases and risking the spread of Covid-19 would be no different than going out and shooting a gun at random people. It’s time we accept the reality of the situation and treat such instances accordingly.”

Michigan has already been under “house arrest” with a risk of jail or a $1,000 fine for residents who simply leave their homes. Entire sections of Michigan grocery stores are  deemed “non-essential” and have been “roped off” to satisfy Gretchen Whitmer’s brand of “compassionate” authoritarianism.

Crisis gardens were always encouraged during a time of crisis to supplement rations and boost morale. But tyrannical Gretchen barred grocery stores and brick-and-mortar retailers from selling vegetable seeds, because according to her, food is “non-essential.”

She also called on Home Depot and Lowe’s to “shut down” certain sections like flooring, garden centers and plant nurseries.

Items like U.S flags, bug spray and outdoor supplies among many other goods are now forbidden to be purchased by Michigan residents.

The far-left, tyrannical governor also banned residents from traveling to friends and families homes, describing it as a necessary symbolic gesture to show how far she is willing to go to use lethal force.

She’s extended the “stay-at-home “order until May 1st and has tightened up regulations even more by preventing the purchase of “non-essential” items like children’s car seats.

Democrats want small and medium business to go under. They overwhelmingly vote against them. Thus, the “drum beat” to keep businesses closed, will continue until there are no businesses open except the ones who can conveniently “donate” to Gretchen’s political campaign, or the ones run by “illegal” immigrants.

Well, Michigan residents have started to fight back  and are taking to social media to call for Whitmer’s “impeachment” for her insane overreach of power.

Gov. Whitmer’s authorization of “lethal force” for violation of her order has completed the task of making her “power and reach” absolute, as no resident of Michigan is now “safe” from the prospect of being publicly “executed” by their Governor.

This tyrant is in the running to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick!

Just imagine how glorious life will be should Governor Whitmer become President.

Who knew this tyrant Gretchen looks just like Bruce Jenner and could be such a hard ass.

Not letting Gov. Whitmer do all the “martial law” lifting , a Michigan judge gave healthcare workers the authority to arrest people “suspected” of having Covid 19!

According to The Great Lakes Justice Center, Kent County Chief Circuit Judge Mark Trusock issued a court order authorizing the police to involuntarily arrest anyone “suspected” to be a “carrier and health threat” to the community.

It guess the Judge doesn’t understand “general arrest warrants” are not legal in The United States. Just because you are a Judge doesn’t mean you can issue “detention” orders against an entire class of people. In America, arrest warrants are executed for individual citizens and must be specified in the charges being leveled.

May God and President Trump help us all.

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