Prince Charles Coronation

China did it again. At long last, the moment we have all been waiting for, the long coming “coronation” of Prince Charles.

Many were wondering if he would be “passed” over for his son, William; but the Chinese could “wait no longer” and did what the British have long “hesitated” doing.

With PM Boris Johnson also having the “Chinese Wuhan Virus” where could all of this lead the U.K.?

If the Queen and Chuck “succumb” to their Coronations, then William gets the throne, but he too may be carrying the “Chinese Corona virus”… so then the Royal Scepter goes to run away “wimp” Harry, unqualified in the running, which then would “coronate” Queen Meghan to the throne, ruling England with an “iron fist” from Hollywood, California.

Cheers and “celebrate” with Polly Boiko’s Quarantini”

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