Who is Tedros Adhanom

“WHO” is Dr. Tedros Adhanom anyway?

You have surely seen him on TV recently, being a “darling” of the mainstream media during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros is the highest ranking medical official in the world, but unlike most medical officials, he isn’t even a real medical doctor.

In fact, he is the first ever to lead the WHO without a “medical” degree. Tedros is simply a “communist academic” who has never “cured” a patient in his life.

But of course you wouldn’t know that because the media doesn’t want you to question the “UN/WHO/China” cabal during the coronavirus pandemic.

See, Tedros is actually a politician, who hired a public relations firm in the United States to help him get the “lucrative top job at the WHO.”

Mercury Public Affairs put together a snazzy presentation for him to present to the global body, but when it came time to answer questions, he couldn’t answer any.

During times of crisis, the mainstream media will be the first to wave their arms and freak out, saying we shouldn’t be criticizing the “experts.” Tedros Adhanom is anything but an expert.

Rather, he is a “Communist” revolutionary who oversaw a “violent” government in Ethiopia from several senior positions.

Tedros isn’t just a “villainous” communist who served in a government that “killed” their own people in the streets. He was also accused of covering up several “cholera” epidemics in his home country when he was health minister.

It’s no wonder that a global petition has been signed by over 700,000 people, calling for his resignation.

Dr. Tedros has “blood” on his hands, both back when his Communist government “slaughtered” their people in the streets, and now, when the world’s vulnerable cower in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, “suffocating” to death at the hands of an inept, “Chinese bootlicker.”

The Crimes of Tedros Adhanom

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