Fundamentally Transformed

America’s government has been embroiled in a shameful “impeachment” charade for months now. The Democrats are demonstrating that there is virtually “no limit” to what they are willing to do to “attack” the president and “undermine” the last election—and the next one.

Meanwhile, revelations continue to emerge about their “abuse” of the intelligence agencies to “spy” on Americans, even the president himself. People need to understand what a dangerous “threat this is to the very foundation of this nation!”

What is happening in the Democratic Party is an “extension and intensification” of a process started by the previous president, Barack Obama.

When Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally change America” during his 2008 presidential run, few people knew what he really meant. Now that he is out of office, it is becoming clearer all the time that the “change he was talking about” was something far more “dangerous” than many people assumed.

He meant changing America from a “constitutional” republic. And what we are “witnessing” in the country today shows that, to an “alarming” degree, he succeeded!

In an address to Democratic donors this past November, Obama said that if Democrats want to be elected, they need to conceal their radical views. “This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality. The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it,” he said.

The average American doesn’t think that, but he does, and these donors do! And he wasn’t telling them to abandon that goal—only to be more underhanded about it!

Obama is contemptuously and openly discussing what he meant by “fundamentally transforming” America. Now that he is out of office, he tells us what his real goal was and still is—“to completely tear down the system and remake it!”

In the past, such “revolutions” usually caused millions of people to “spill their blood.”

If you think this view is unreal, consider this: “Never have we seen a more bitterly divided America, and this man who fundamentally transformed America caused much of this division. He almost destroyed America’s constitutional republic. Never have we seen such hatred between American people.”

All this ought to “terrify” every American. Many revolutions end in a “civil war” filled with suffering and death.

America’s current president, Donald Trump, is fighting back against that “radicalism” and having some success. Perhaps the most important is the way he is exposing the “crimes and evils” of the radical left!

Because of the progress he is making, many people believe that the “danger” is past and the nation is heading in a new direction. But sadly, this will not change the country’s direction. The only thing that would do that is repentance before God—and that is not happening.

After World War II, attention in America shifted away from the threat of “Nazism” and toward “Communism”, a genuine threat that could do considerable “damage” to the United States.

It’s a new kind of war against America, “a psychological warfare of propaganda, infiltration, subversion, demoralization. It is a warfare that has attacked our minds, our moral and spiritual values, rather than our bodies and our earthly possessions. It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals, sabotaging our educational system, wrecking our social structure, destroying our spiritual and religious life, weakening our industrial and economic power, demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence!”

Think seriously about this new kind of war. In a sense, this fundamental “transformation” has been coming to pass in America!

When Barack Obama was a boy, his grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying Communist Party member. Since young Barack lacked a father at home, his grandfather thought Davis would be a good role model. Davis was a rabid supporter of Joseph Stalin and his kind of communism.

How strong a supporter was Davis of Stalin’s Soviet Union? Here is an excerpt of a poem Davis wrote called “To the Red Army,” calling on the Soviets to rise up and show the West the real power of communism: “Smash on victory-eating Red warriors! Drive on, oh mighty people’s juggernaut! … Show the marveling multitudes, Americans, British, all your allied brothers, How strong you are, How great you are, How your young tree of new unity, Planted 25 years ago, Bears today the golden fruit of victory!”

Obama had a close relationship with this “radical” Stalinist! He was also an “admirer” of Saul Alinsky, the infamous “Rules for Radicals” author. Yet a lot of Obama’s beliefs were “unknown” before he was elected because the mainstream media didn’t “vet” him. The press has a lot to answer for in the way they “abetted” this community organizer and his ambitions!

Dr. John C. Drew, a political scientist who knew Obama at “Occidental College” recounted how his girlfriend introduced the 19-year-old Barack to him as a fellow “Communist” in 1980.

In a radio interview with Dr. Paul Kengor on “The Glen Meakem Show”, Drew said that back then Obama was predicting a “violent people’s revolution” in America. But Drew explained to him that such “revolutions” are only successful in Third World countries, so it would be better to try to “transform” America into a Communist state one step at a time.

“The Communist Party is merely a trick term to pull the wool over the people eyes and deceive them. A means of getting getting the enemy’s government into our very midst, leading us to accept it as a part of our government, with its only object to destroy the government.”

This is exactly what communists mentored Barack Obama worked on during his eight years in office, and today he is telling Democrats that they have to be more “deceptive” if they really want to “tear down the system and remake it.”

Listen to the Democrats today. There is a lot of revolutionary talk. That party has been infiltrated and taken over by many of the ideas that the Communists promoted decades ago, ideas that are transforming the nation! It has become a political party far more “destructive” to America than the Communist Party!

A Czech Communist named Jan Kozák wrote a 1950s tract titled “And Not a Shot Is Fired” that explains how to “hijack” a nation through parliamentary maneuvers. The strategy requires pressure for “radical” change from two directions simultaneously: “from the upper levels of government and from provocateurs in the streets.”

The Obama administration used a similar strategy to “fundamentally transform” America. As president, Obama appointed far-left judges and “deep state” bureaucrats to some of the highest offices in the land. At the same time, he supported “radical” firebrands from organizations like “Black Lives Matter” stoking racial divide. The goal is to create “chaos” in the streets, and then have socialist leaders step in to “solve” the problem.

John Brennan was one of the most “radical deep state” bureaucrats in the Obama administration. While still a student at Fordham University in 1976, Brennan voted for “Communist Party USA” presidential candidate Gus Hall. Shockingly, Brennan was recruited into the “Central Intelligence Agency” just four years later!

Brennan rose through the ranks of the CIA until he became acting director of the “National Counterterrorism Center” under President George W. Bush. He retired in 2005, but then Obama asked him to become his “Homeland Security Adviser” in 2009. Four years later, he was promoted to CIA director.

Why did Obama want a Communist running the CIA for him? Well, shortly after Brennan took that job, his department began “illegally” spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. When he was caught, he “lied” outright and absolutely “denied” it, but he was finally forced to admit it.

Then, during the 2016 presidential election, Brennan was instrumental in drafting and publishing an “Intelligence Community Assessment” suggesting “illicit ties” between Russia and the Trump campaign. This assessment relied heavily on a 35-page Steele Dossier” compiled by British former MI-6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele and “paid for” by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The dossier accused Donald Trump of “escapades” with Russian prostitutes, among other things. Not one bit of the dossier was “verified” yet U.S. law enforcement agencies used it to obtain approval to “spy” on Trump campaign staff member Carter Page.

This opened the door for spying on everyone surrounding Donald Trump. Conservative journalist Andrew McCarthy covers this history in his book “Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency.” He explains that the real collusion in the 2016 election was not between the Trump campaign and Russia. It was between the “Clinton campaign and Obama’s deep state.”

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the “destructive” trends that unfolded during the Obama presidency would have continued “unchecked and surely intensified.” Many people believe it would have meant an end to our “constitutional” republic!

“The main purpose of counterintelligence operations is to keep the president informed. That is basic truth. Yet these agents are somehow convinced that their job is to overturn America’s last election and destroy the president! They are focusing all their attention on hunting for crimes so they can bring him down and overthrow the government! That is a counterintelligence invasion—and it has unfolded right before our eyes,” McCarthy writes.

And it all revolves around Barack Obama! That must be the focus. McCarthy writes that “no administration in American history was more practiced in the dark arts of politicizing intelligence than President Obama’s.” That is an insightful statement!

The National Security Administration touts itself as being “the world leader in cryptology—the art and science of making and breaking codes.” It uses this expertise, it says, to safeguard U.S. secrets and outmaneuver enemies, “while at the same time protecting the privacy rights of the American people.”  The truth is that this agency was doing the “opposite” of protecting Americans’ privacy rights: “It was spying on Americans, and trying to invalidate the will of 63 million American voters!”

Obama held a meeting on Jan. 5, 2017—15 days before Mr. Trump’s inauguration—with the NSA director, the CIA director Brennan, the FBI director James Comey, and the director of National Intelligence. “The officials in this meeting would need to figure out how the investigation of Carter Page and the Trump campaign could continue despite the fact that its central focus, Trump, was about to be sworn in as president,” McCarthy writes.

Their effort had nothing to do with Page, who was never charged with a crime—it was all meant to “take down” Trump. Together with Brennan and a group of top spies, Obama sought to “overturn” the results of the 2016 election, “overthrow” the Trump administration, and establish something much more than a new “socialist” government in the United States!

We live in a time “when the transgressors are come to the full!” Lawlessness and sin are “rife” in America, even celebrated! That is why the “radical left” is far worse than Communism and Marxism!

It is time for us to wake up to what is happening to our nations. We are facing catastrophe. Look at all that the Obama administration did to undermine American interests and empower America’s enemies!

  • Think of the way they supported the popular Islamist uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that ousted him from power.
  • Think of the way they then ignored the popular uprising in Iran and then negotiated a grotesque nuclear deal with Iranian leaders that flushed them with cash and provided cover for ongoing nuclear activity!
  • Think of the way they handled Benghazi, when a jihadist mob attacked America’s embassy on the anniversary of 9/11. Obama officials shamefully told our soldiers to stand down, to let it happen, and those terrorists killed an ambassador and three other Americans!

Then the administration tried to excuse the attack by “dishonestly” blaming a video made by someone in America! Libya’s leader, Muammar Qadhafi, had been an ally, providing the U.S. with important intelligence. He even gave up his weapons of mass destruction. But the Obama administration wanted him gone, and they laughed when he was “brutally dethroned and abused by a radical mob.” That country has been a hotbed of “jihadist” chaos ever since!

The radical left and its anti-American, Marxist ideas have virtually taken control of America’s Democrat Party. Democrats have taken to heart Barack Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America.”

And look at the ways they want to transform it: “They want to tear down America’s history, America’s Constitution, America’s moral standards, America’s freedoms. They want to redistribute the nation’s prosperity, revolutionize its economy, and revise its form of government!”

Democrats have relied on the media to “spread” this information, and the mainstream media have been “shamefully” complicit! They too want to do all they can to overthrow the government! This has been their goal from the moment Donald Trump got elected! That is “treason!”

Mark Zaid, the attorney for the Ukrainian whistleblower, tweeted on Jan. 30, 2017, just days after President Donald Trump was inaugurated: “#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately. #lawyers.”

Later that day he tweeted, “#coup has started. As one falls, two more will take their place. #rebellion #impeachment.” In other words, if someone like James Comey gets fired, two more will rise up from the deep state to carry on the mission. And that is exactly what has happened!

“A coup is a violent or illegal seizure of power.” That is precisely what they have been working to do under the guidance and support of Barack Obama.

In December, the Justice Department watchdog reprimanded the FBI for relying on the Steele dossier to obtain its FISA warrant. In a 476-page report, the inspector general “identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications.” In reality, those were not 17 errors—they were 17 “treasonous” crimes!

The whole process was aimed at staging a “coup!” These people believe the end justifies any means! They will “lie, defame, slander”—anything they have to do to get rid of Trump!

Do we want a constitutional republic? The Democratic leftists do not! All these activities that are being exposed show that in many ways they have already changed this nation from a constitutional republic to a nation governed by something even worse than Communist philosophy!

Look at history, and you see the way Communists work: “They tear things down until the chaos is so bad that they get control and then can kill the opposition. They have always done that! And the United States has a lot of Communists.”

You have to view their attacks on the “Second Amendment” in this context. They want to take away people’s “guns” because America’s founders equipped the people to resist “tyranny” if necessary. They spilled blood to give Americans that freedom! Many lost their lives to create this constitutional republic and guarantee our freedoms. But there are always those trying to take those freedoms away, if we allow it.

They almost got away with a “satanic” coup! If Hillary Clinton had been elected, they would have. But God temporarily stopped this movement by raising up Donald Trump to lead the American resurgence.

Despite all the attacks on Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then as president, he seems to continue to come out stronger. Just look at the difference between the “Benghazi debacle and the way that President Trump handled an attack on America’s embassy in Iraq.

He quickly ordered that attack put down, and then killed the top Iranian general! That sent the American left into a frenzy—but it shut Iran down quickly! It was the first bold move America has undertaken against Iran in decades, and I’m sure it will raise America’s stature for some time.

Why are things going so well for Donald Trump? For one reason: because God is using him to save the American superpower! God has plenty of power to control such events. God can easily change and redirect circumstances as He sees fit, and Satan is powerless to stop Him! However, we must stay close to God. If we fail to do so, God will not protect us from Satan’s worst wrath.

Sadly, this resurgence will not have the lasting effect that many people hope. But it is revealing in stunning detail just how corrupt the left is and how damaging their efforts have been! And in some ways it is driving them to even greater desperation and more extreme radicalism.

In fact, the radical left has become so emboldened by almost a decade of victories under the Obama administration that many of today’s Democrats are no longer willing to accept Obama’s “deceptive” strategy. If their efforts to stop President Trump don’t succeed, they want a “socialist” revolution in the streets! “Civil War!”

Regarding the Communist goal to “overthrow” the government the nation degenerated so far that “radicals” were able to win at the polls! They won the highest office in America twice! But then their attempt to overthrow the country was thwarted. So now more people are talking like actor James Cromwell, who said, “If we don’t stop President Trump now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”

In a Federalist article titled “How Black Lives Matter Is Bringing Back Traditional Marxism,” Thurston Powers wrote: “It isn’t surprising that Black Lives Matter [BLM] is a Communist organization—but the type of communism they subscribe to is. They are conservative Communists attempting to fold the progressive movement back into traditional Marxism. The policy platform proposed by BLM did nothing to hide this traditionalism. Its calls for collective ownership of resources, banks and businesses, a highly progressive income tax, a guaranteed minimum income, and government jobs are lifted straight from the pages of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.”

During the presidential campaign, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave their full support to “Black Lives Matter.” Obama and his administration even invited its leaders to the White House on several occasions. Even though he is out of office now, the radical organizations he empowered are still agitating for change with his encouragement.

When Obama recently told Democratic politicians to tone down their “radical” rhetoric, he noted that this criticism was not aimed at Democratic activists, whose job is to “poke and prod and text and inspire and motivate.” These comments are about inspiring the “violent overthrow” of the system.

You can tell a lot about Obama’s ultimate “goal” by the company he keeps. When he first launched his political career in 1995, he kicked off his campaign for the Illinois state Senate in the living room of Bill Ayers.

Ayers is a radical “terrorist” who bombed the Pentagon in 1972. He escaped prosecution on a technicality and now teaches at the University of Chicago. But from 1969 to 1977, Ayers was a member of the “Weather Underground Organization”—a militant group of young white Americans that practiced Mao Zedong’s kind of communism.

An FBI agent named Larry Grathwohl “infiltrated” this organization and reported in 1985 that the Weathermen estimated that they would have to “slaughter” 25 million Americans to establish Communism in the United States.

That is what true Communists mean when they talk about the “violent overthrow” of the system! Even those who see there is a real problem in America today don’t recognize how deadly dangerous it is!

Though President Trump has made strides toward purging the “swamp” of government radicals and Obama-era appointees, the nation is still sharply “divided.” America’s temporary resurgence is giving people a window to repent, but that window won’t stay open long. Eventually, warnings are followed by consequences for inaction.

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