Coronavirus Challenge

While the world is reeling over the “Chinese Coronavirus” and taking every precaution under the sun, there are some members of society who are using the virus to get some “attention on social media” by doing one of the dumbest things you’ll ever see…ever.

A new “challenge” has emerged where young people “lick toilet seats.” It’s called the “#tooCoronavirusChallenge” and it’s as stupid, reckless, and disgusting as you’d imagine it to be.

The videos are making the rounds on Twitter and TikTok.  Here are girls licking airplane toilet seats; while others prefer licking public toilet seats. This challenge actually beats out the “#TidePodChallenge” for being the stupidest, most dangerous thing ever concocted by “mentally” challenged dummies.

Honestly, after seeing these two I stopped looking…I think these Millennial “idiots” tell the story of this insanely dumb and dangerous challenge perfectly. You can watch the videos below:

“Yeah she is in for Corona Challenge. This is on a plane too and i think she did better than her.” #COVIDー19— Dr. Vedika (@vishkanyaaaa) March 16, 2020

A young man who proudly and vigorously licked public restroom toilet seats is now facing the consequences of his stupid and dangerous actions.

“Really! Licking toilets now! — Gabe Slaybaugh (@GabrielSlaybau1) March 23, 2020

The idiot teen now claims he’s tested positive for Coronavirus and shared a picture of himself hospitalized.

“A kid who licked toilets as part of the #CoronaVirusChallenge says he’s now in the hospital with coronavirus. @gayshawnmendes was also just suspended from twitter” — Pardes Seleh (@PardesSeleh) March 23, 2020

Let this be a lesson boys and girls, a few “likes” on social media is not worth killing yourself over it. This should go without saying, but since we live in a world filled with “attention-seeking” idiots I’ll say it anyway – “make sure your kids and grand kids understand the dangers of licking toilet seats.”

If you must “lick toilet seats” try the “Chinese public toilet seats” and you will get the “Coronavirus” a whole lot quicker.

I have a feeling Millennial’s just might be “doomed.” Not to mention these “toilet lickers” are being future Democratic voters.

How about a little old fashioned foot stomping, knee slapping musicality to accompany these toilet licking “#tooCoronavirusChallenges.”

It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, served up with a grand splash of super funk. If you’ve been looking for an official “Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus” theme song this is it. Music for the “Great Undoing.” If you haven’t had your coffee yet this studio version will suffice in its stead.

If you have already had your “covfefe” and prefer to get up on your feet and dance with abandon to the “Great Quietus,” here is a live version without irony. I recommend it; if you can watch the whole thing and not break out in a smile you’re taking things too seriously.

In conclusion here’s the solution. Just live your life until you die. Have no regrets and don’t forget. We’re all waiting for the world to end.

Toilet Paper Jihad


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