A People’s President

A group of firefighters saw Trump’s motorcade approaching and they stopped what they were doing and saluted.

President Trump saw it from the car window and ordered the entire motorcade to abruptly stop. He got out the car and walked over to the group and shook all of their hands, thanking them for their service.

Watch a small group of firefighters marvel as President Trump orders his motorcade to stop just before it appears to be pulling into an airport, exits his heavily-armored limousine, and personally greets each of them with handshakes and messages of gratitude.

When the chain of vehicles comes to a halt, and secret service agents begin to quickly survey the area, one of the shocked first responders says, “no he’s not.”  Another exclaims, “no way.”  

After it becomes clear that the president is about to appear, the first firefighter asks his colleagues, “isn’t this great?”  Seconds later, Trump emerges from the car, clapping for the assembled group.

He gestures for them to approach him, then spends a short period of time shaking each individual’s hand.  “Thank you, men.  Thank you,” he says. “That’s awesome,” one remarks. Trump then gathers the firefighters around for a photo, cracking jokes, and flashing a thumbs-up.  As the impromptu moment wraps up, the video ends.

In 2016 there was a phrase thrown around a lot to describe President Trump. They called him the “blue-collar billionaire.” Isn’t that fitting?

It’s because President Trump, even with all his money and gold furniture, is still just a common-sense man. He doesn’t speak like an elite snob, and he doesn’t view the world through smug rose-colored glasses.

And no president has ever stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the working-class Americans like President Trump. And that’s why the middle-class loves him so much.

In these polarized times, President Trump inspires very strong feelings in both directions. His overall average approval rating sits at roughly (43/53), but most Americans — perhaps aside from the most passionately committed resisters — would certainly approve of the cool and generous scene above.

If this had been a contrived photo-op to engender public support, it would have “leaked” immediately.  It didn’t.  The president saw some public servants who risk their lives to protect others and went out of his way to express his appreciation in a simple yet dramatic way.

In doing so, he surprised and delighted them, resulting in a special and memorable encounter.  I’ll leave you with another recent reminder that Trump seems to relish surprising people:

“Donald Trump can’t stop and won’t stop crashing weddings in New Jersey — especially if there’s a chance to give the bride a smooch and woo the crowd at the same time. The President made a surprise appearance Friday during Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz’s wedding at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster Township. Witnesses tell us 45 flew in on his Marine One chopper and popped in to greet their guests, unannounced…As for how that was received … people around absolutely ate it up.”

If you’re pro-Trump enough to get hitched at one of his properties, you’re probably not terribly opposed to an unplanned presidential drop-by — and Trump is evidently happy to oblige.

America is blessed to have President Trump leading our nation. The good people of America love and respect him because he loves and respects them.

Don’t ever allow the kook liberals to get you down. They’re a drop in the bucket and don’t matter – they just scream loud.

Pray for Trump and make sure you support him in 2020. Your future life depends on your vote.

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