Muslim Call to Prayer

What you should know about the “Muslim Call to Prayer” that Muslims in the West are gradually “imposing” on the American population.

“Apostate Prophet” makes a good case for why the playing of the “eardrum” shattering, overly “amplified” and highly offensive “Muslim Call to Prayer”, which can be “heard” from a 20- block radius, should be “banned” in every civilized nation.

The “Muslim Call to Prayer” is a “guttural blaring” that is a war cry to let every “unbeliever” (infidel) know Islam is superior to every other ideology and deserves special privilege.

Just as “Allahu Akbar” is a declaration to unbelievers that “Allah is greater, and we’re about to show you just how much greater he is,” more and more Western cities are allowing the “Muslim Call to Prayer” to be blasted from large amplifiers five time a day, beginning at dawn.

Despite countless complaints from neighbors to police, the loud and offensive “Muslim Call to Prayer” is still being played in Brooklyn, NY.

The Gothamist reports that hundreds of residents near the border of Queens and Brooklyn are complaining that the Masjid-al-Aman is “too, too noisy,” citing the raucous, annoying and offensive “Azan” that blasts from the mosque’s speakers 5 times a day. Beginning at the break of dawn, the “Muslim Call to Prayer” jerks the community out of sleep, reminding them that “Allahu Akbar” means “our god is greater than your god, your country, and your laws.”

As the all-too-willing Leftist “bleeding hearts” advocate for “open” borders and more Muslim “refugees”, while protesting Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban”, they are finding out that their progressive “utopia” isn’t the goal of their favored Muslim minority.

In fact, Europe News reports that Brooklyn residents have filed “156 complaints” to police about the noise levels at the mosque, yet authorities have issued “no fines” proving Muslim have special privilege.

Here is the “Noise Pollution” five times a day “emanating” from a mosque on Broadway & 29th Street in mid-town Manhattan.

Here is the “Noise Pollution” from the “Masjid At-Taqwa” mosque at 6AM in the morning in a “densely” populated neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY at Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue.

And here’s the “Noise Pollution” from Brooklyn’s “Masjid Nur Al-Islam” mosque at Church Ave. and Chester Ave. There’s a “NO HONKING” sign outside the mosque but nothing about the “screaming” Muslim prayer that begins at 6:00 AM.

The mosque’s 5-times-a-day Call to Prayer schedule for the first week in January:

1 Sat: 5:58 – 7:19 – 11:59 – 2:21 – 4:39 – 6:01
2 Sun: 5:58 – 7:19 – 12:00 – 2:22 – 4:40 – 6:02
3 Mon: 5:59 – 7:19 – 12:01 – 2:23 – 4:41 – 6:03
4 Tue: 5:59 – 7:19 – 12:01 – 2:24 – 4:42 – 6:04
5 Wed: 5:59 – 7:19 – 12:02 – 2:25 – 4:43 – 6:05
6 Thu: 5:59 – 7:19 – 12:02 – 2:26 – 4:44 – 6:05
7 Fri: 5:59 – 7:19 – 12:03 – 2:27 – 4:45 – 6:06

Muslim Mayor De Blasio of New York City is a greedy, corrupt communist traitor who “destroyed” New York City’s outstanding police “security” in order to please the world’s Muslims, Saudi Arabia, CAIR and other Muslin terrorist organizations.

Bill de Blasio speaks during a protest in solidarity with American Muslims. Getty Images

The vile traitor even “gifted” American hater, Jew hater and Muslim terrorist supporter, Linda Sarsour with $10 million of American tax dollars to support “Palestinian Jihad.”

“The Arab-American Association of New York, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit run by Linda Sarsour, was selected as one of 14 groups by the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York to receive $10 million over five years…”

This is just the beginning of the “peaceful” occupation of the land. Muslim make themselves felt this way leading to “exodus” of non Muslim population from the area. Real estate “values” fall and they flood the place with fellow Muslims who “procreate” like roaches. Then they “stack” city councils with Muslims and pretty much the place becomes a “Darul Islam.”

They did the  same thing successfully in “Dearborn” and “Hamtramck” in Michiganstan! Blaring the sound of the howling “demons” is a brainwashing technique. The “Apostate Prophet” is really funny describing the “Muslim Call to Prayer.”

Do you work in or live near a noisy “Muslim Mosque” environment? Ever wondered how loud the “blaring” sound really is and if it could be “damaging” your hearing? There’s an app for that!

The “National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health” (NIOSH), part of the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC), developed the NIOSH Sound Level Meter (SLM) app for iOS devices to help promote better “hearing health and prevention” efforts. You can download the free app on iTunes to run on your iPhone and measure the decibel level.

Measure the sound near the Mosque, save the data and send it to the city council. Tell them “this ends now or your career ends next election.” Then organize, run a Conservative slate and start the #NoMoreMuslimCallToPrayer” revolution in your neighborhood.

A couple of years ago a local “Muslim Iman” in Northern England complained to the Town Council that the “Church Bells” ringing on a Sunday morning should be stopped because it “disturbs” his sleep. He even suggested that the English people should learn to be more “tolerant” of other religions, and he had come all the way from Pakistan to inform us of this.

Now THAT is what you call Muslim “arrogance.”

Wake up America.

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