Pro Trump Grammy Fashion

When it comes to Donald Trump, it’s reasonable to identify his “core” supporters as people who might be called “generic conservatives.” They’re the types who quite obviously support “America, the Constitution, Guns and God.”

What makes Trump special is that his “policies” also attract people who don’t fit the obvious “stereotype.” That is, they belong to “lifestyle or racial” communities that aren’t obviously “associated” with Trump support.

One of those people is Ricky Rebel, a 39-year-old singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, and recording artist.  He’s openly “gay” and considers himself a “transgender” activist and “fervent” Trump supporter.

Last year, at the Grammy Awards, he showed up in a dazzling “pro-Trump jacket” and even made a video about the way in which Trump represents “alpha energy.”

And just in case people didn’t get his message last year, “cheeky” Ricky redoubled it this year. Here’s the video of Rebel’s costume for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards show. Be sure to watch the video long enough to catch the message on his “butt” cheeks.

If you’re an entertainer who wants “buzz”, that’s certainly the way to get it.

More seriously, kudos to Rebel for being his own man. It takes a great deal of courage to live in the entertainment world and to be “gay” and still be an “out-and-proud” Trump supporter. What Rebel did may be “vulgar” but it gets people talking and reminds them that, in America, you vote for the candidate who speaks to your “values”, not for the candidate everyone tells you “who” to vote for.

In a repeat of last year, singer-songwriter Ricky Rebel also made his pro-Trump stance loud and clear in a barely-there red leather getup with “impeach this” written on his butt cheeks.

It wouldn’t be the Grammy’s without “pro-Trump” fashion statements from Joy Villa and Megan Pormer.

Joy Villa donned a latex gown with “Trump 2020” running down the front and “impeached and re-elected” on the back in white lettering. The red, white and blue dress and cape were custom made by Desi Allinger of Desi Designs.

“The dress it’s pro-America; you know I am a conservative,” Villa said. “This is a patriotic, Miss America type of feel.”

When asked by Variety‘s Audrey Yap how “people of color” have benefited from the president’s policies, Villa said, “I’m black and Latina, I’ve benefited. My cousins now have jobs. There’s more jobs than ever before.”

The recording artist is known for her “politically charged” fashion statements, which have continued since her 2015 appearance on the carpet in a “sheer dress and orange netting.”

For 2016 Joy Villa did not disappoint in her spiky “animal” rib-cage dress. She looked as if she’d just stepped out of the elephant graveyard on “The Lion King.” The daring outfit left only a few well-placed “bones” covering her modesty, as she went “nude” underneath, bar a black thong, finishing it off with a ridiculous headpiece.

For the 2017 ceremony, Villa promoted her album “Home Sweet Home” by strutting down the carpet dressed as President Trump’s proposed “border wall” with a “Make America Great Again” purse in hand.

In 2018, she made headlines with her “anti-abortion” message painted on a white gown.

Model Megan Pormer, meanwhile, wore a “red sequin” dress with the words “no war Iran” with a half-American-flag-half-Iranian-flag cape.

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