Trump Separates Black Families

President Trump addressing “black family issue” with Clown media.

The evil, “Bad Orange Man” has done it again!

This black fellow must really “miss” his family. When Obama was president he saw them all the time.

Now they all have jobs, he doesn’t see them and he’s “grateful?” I think this is what Trump calls “too much winning.”

“Now that @realDonaldTrump is in office, I don’t see my family anymore because they have JOBS… which is a GOOD thing! Because now my 401k is going up, my Roth account is going up, everything is going up. Thank you, Donald. I love you!” — Black Voices for Trump (@BlackVoices4DJT) February 21, 2020

The reason why I really support President Trump is because when Hillary Clinton and, he turns to the person next to him, asking, “What’s that dude’s name?” He continues, “Barack Obama?” he asked. “When they had the White House, you see—I got to see my family all the time. I got to see my brothers and sisters all the time. But, the reason I got to see my family and my brothers and sisters all the time is because they didn’t have a job, so I got to see them every day, and every payday, ” he added.

The black Trump supporter continued, “And now that Donald Trump is in office, I don’t see my family no more, because they got a job and they’re too busy and I don’t see them anymore—which is a good thing, because now my 401K is going up and my Roth account is going up.”

He ended the interview by “thanking” President Trump and telling him that he “loves” him.

Another “minority” Trump supporter was asked about why he supported President Trump. The former Democrat responded by saying he was supporting President Trump because before Trump was elected, he was on “food stamps and Medicaid,” and now he is working and has insurance, allowing him to “get off both government assistant programs and become self-sufficient.”

“Former Democrat: @realDonaldTrump and his economy is the reason I’m off food stamps and Medicaid.” — Students For Trump (@TrumpStudents) February 21, 2020…and more jobs. Thanks to President Trump and his pro-growth policies aimed at helping every American, these people are able to live the American dream. Trump is doing more for the black community than any of the past three presidents combined. And the proof is in the numbers, folks!

And the “bloodshed” is only going to worsen. President Trump’s numbers with black voters are already “surging” which is no surprise due to their historic unemployment under his administration and their wages are rising too.

But Trump supporters aren’t the only ones who acknowledge the surge of support among black voters. Democrat strategist and former Clinton/Obama campaign worker, Jamal Simmons, warned on CBS’ Face the Nation that this support is only going to grow:

“I’m gonna send this flag up so the Democratic Party — people need to understand this,” Jamal Simmons, a political analyst for CBS News, said Sunday on Face The Nation. “We talked to Terrance Woodbury, who’s a young African American pollster. He has been saying for months that President Trump has been going very hard at African American men.”

Simmons, who worked on campaigns for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, cited Trump’s public “friendship” with celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the “extradition” of rapper A$AP Rocky from Sweden, and an uptick in federal money given to “Historically Black Colleges and Universities” as factors that might lead to an increase in the president’s popularity among young, black voters. “They’re not gonna let up,” he said.

This news was not received too well by the hosts, who can be seen “scowling” as Simmons rattles off Trump’s achievements in the black community.

This is yet another “blow” to not only Democrats chances in 2020, but their party as a whole. They’ve always touted having the black vote, but apparently their choice to support “radical liberal ideologies and illegal migrants” seems to be causing that to slip.

President Trump frequently celebrates the experience of black workers, noting correctly that the group’s unemployment rate is at its lowest on record.

Their wages are also going up — a New York Times analysis of government data found that wage growth for black workers has accelerated after lagging for much of the decade-long economic expansion.

This “surge” in the black community definitely isn’t going unnoticed. It’s amazing what Trump is doing in these communities! Seriously, what did Obama ever do for them besides give them “cheap cell phones and overpriced healthcare?”

The “Black Community” is wising up and they are finally seeing a chance to escape their “plantation masters” with real opportunities instead of handouts.

Democrats have always been the party of the KKK, eugenics and limiting the advancement of their own voters. If they don’t limit advancement, their voters succeed and don’t need Democrat handouts.

For decades their voters have fallen for “empty” promises. But things are finally changing.


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