Valentine Virus

Until now, in Saudi Arabia you could be “arrested” by the religious police for celebrating and wearing red on “Valentine’s Day.” Saudi Arabia’s religious police issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning shops from selling red roses and other Valentine’s Day gifts.

This stupid Muslim Cleric even “warned” that Valentine’s Day is more dangerous than “Aids, Ebola and Cholera” combined! Wow. That is definitely an UN-Islamic “infidel” custom. As a devout Muslim you can’t do anything “romantic” for your wife/wives.

What a difference a young new “Crown Prince” can make for “Valentine’s Day” in Saudi Arabia today. After years of “bans and restrictions” by the religious police, young people can now celebrate this day.

The word “love” is no longer taboo. The kingdom’s newspapers offer “tips” on gifts and restaurants. Yet, despite the overture, “repression” remains, especially for women.

God help us, if Muslims can cure the “Valentine Virus” by decreeing that it doesn’t exist. Think what they could do with flu, coronavirus, HIV, HPV, Ebola, Aids and Cholera etc.

All you need is “mercy, kindness, compassion and a little love” to make their wives happy and let them forget “just for one day” their miserable place as oppressed servants to the men.

Itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie baby steps toward the 21st century. Isn’t it nice to even get a little “breathing” room to get that fanatic Muslim “ideology” off your back?

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