2019 Dog of the Year


Dog is man’s best friend. Unless that man is a raping, murdering terrorist.

Conan, the adorable Belgian Malinois and Delta Force officer, helped kill ISIS leader during a special forces operation in Syria back in October.

The terrorist leader was forced to “retreat” into a dead-end tunnel while “screaming, crying, and whimpering,” according to President Trump.

With Conan bearing down on him, the most wanted man in the world took the “coward’s way out” by blowing up himself and several of his children.

Conan was injured during the “raid” but quickly recovered. He was back to work a short time later before being granted a brief leave to visit the White House and receive an official certificate and award for his brave service.

“This particular dog is the ultimate fighter,” President Trump said of Conan at the event. “The ultimate everything.”

There was some “confusion” as to Conan’s gender, but Conan ain’t no “bitch.”

The heroic K9 has since returned to service and is back in action with his handler, likely “sniffing” out the next terrorist “bastard” right now.

Good boy, Conan. Good boy.

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