The Party of No Genders

We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and “unite under one glorious flag.”

Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren can’t “comprehend” why the American people would elect someone who “lies” to them, despite her own “rocky” relationship with the truth.

CBS News reporter Zak Hudak posed the question to Warren in a video posted to Twitter: “Is it disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American public about anything?”

Pocahontas Warren took a moment to “ponder” the question.

“Uh, I, I would think that it … you know, how could the American people want someone who lies to them?@ewarren says after I asked if it’s disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American people about anything.” — Zak Hudak (@cbszak) January 19, 2020

The “socialist” senator from Massachusetts then offered political “platitudes” with her forked tongue.

“Um, I think that we just do our best out there every day and I hope that’s what happens with everyone.”

Warren is best known for falsely claiming “Native American Heritage” for decades to advance her career as a “woman of color” going as far as publicizing “DNA” test results that showed she’s no more Native American than most white people.

She’s also drawn repeated “criticism” on the campaign trail for other fibs, from “debunked” claims she was fired from a teaching job for being pregnant to the odd denial that her children attended private schools.

The hypocrisy, of course, wasn’t lost on folks online, who did not take kindly to Warren’s remarks. The negative reaction was swift as #NeverWarren started trending on Twitter.

“Elizabeth Warren lied about being Indigenous for 69 years. Can we not do this?” — cursed-dem wine cave (@kallllisti) January 19, 2020

“She lied about being Cherokee, She lied about being fired due to pregnancy, She lied about her son being in public schools, She lied about her Dad being a janitor.” #SheLies — Mooo2u2Chick (@Mooo2u2) January 20, 2020

“Hi Zak. This is where you and other members of the press gaggle asked about why she pretended to be an American Indian for 25 years, or why she removed and vanished her DNA results which she said confirmed that, right?” — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 19, 2020

“Or why she lied about being fired for her pregnancy or about her son being in public school.” — Michael_1111 (@Michael_0101017) January 19, 2020

“Or about why she said her father was a janitor.” — #O’sCHICK (@robin_marie1) January 19, 2020

Others pointed to allegations Warren plagiarized recipes from The New York Times and passed them off as her own Native American recipes passed down through her Cherokee ancestors.

“Hilarious considering the lies, embellishments, prevarication and plagiarism in her background. She tried to pass off recipes copied almost verbatim from the New York Times  as her own ‘Pow Wow Chow’ family recipes.”  — Cheryl, #WomenForBernie (@cclaypoole) January 19, 2020

“It’d be hard to find a time when she told the truth.” — Mark Noonan (@Mark_E_Noonan) January 19, 2020

Warren’s history with the “truth” has been, to put it delicately, an absolute train wreck and her “lies” have finally come home to roost. Pocahontas’ decades of speaking with “forked tongue” came to a head with Warren’s post-debate spat with Bernie Sanders.

Even Elizabeth Warren’s hometown paper has published an opinion piece “raking” Warren over the coals. The Boston Herald’s Michael Graham “scalped” Pocahontas over her “lack of honesty” in his not-so-subtly titled piece Another day, another lie from Elizabeth Warren.”

The piece paints a “brutal” picture of a floundering candidate, desperate to do “anything it takes” to win her party’s nomination, and eventually, the White House. Taking Warren’s “history” into account, Graham is right on the money.

  • Of course, as we all know from Warren’s disastrous DNA test results, the Massachusetts senator was only about 1/1024 more Native American than Christopher Columbus.
  • Warren outright lied about her children’s attending public school when in reality they received a private school education.
  • Pocahontas is so misleading she created a fantasy of her dad being a janitor in hopes of making a connection with the American working man.
  • Warren’s claim that she was fired from her teaching position by misogynist men after becoming visibly pregnant.
  • Elizabeth Warren is so egregious she even plagiarized her recipes for the Pow Wow Chow ‘Cherokee’ cookbook.
  • Her fictitious claim that there would be no middle-class tax increase to cover the cost of her $56 Trillion Medicare-for-all plan.
  • Warren’s on-again, off-again claim that she will eliminate private medical insurance that would have eliminated the jobs of over one million American workers.

With a track record like this, is there any reason why doubt shouldn’t be cast on Elizabeth Warren’s “imbecilic claim” that Sanders made a “sexist” comment about a woman could never be elected President of the United States?

I take little joy in defending simpleminded socialist Bernie Sanders, but if I defend President Trump against Democratic attacks with facts, then Bernie deserves to be defended from the delusional Democrats when the facts favor him as well.

Bernie Sanders spent decades touting “Girl Power” and pushing “Equal Rights Amendments.” So Warren’s idiotic charge is not only egregious, it reeks of desperation. Take a look at the twitter below.

“1988,@BernieSanders, backing Jackson:”The real issue is not whether you’re black or white, whether you’re a woman or a man *in my view, a woman could be elected POTUS* The real issue is are you on the side of workers & poor ppl, or are you on the side of big money &corporations?” — Every nimble plane is a policy failure. (@KindAndUnblind) January 13, 2020

If Sanders was willing to say something this “progressive” in public in 1988, then all we really need to know to make an informed “voting” decision is who is the most “electable” Stalinist.

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